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Survivor Rankings Ep. 4

Mar 22, 2018 by Dibby1010
imageHere are my survivor rankings! An link is on the page.

- Say it with me now "WE HATE BRADLEY". god... i just... i cant

- Kellyn seemed like she might not do much but now her and her "free spirit" is all the way up Bradleys butt

- Libby's performance in this challenge was such a shit show. Like how did yall think she was so good.

- Laurel is my queen. I think she has a good game going socially and can kick it into overdrive when she needs to win challenges.

- Michael got lucky. Thank god for the tribe swap as long as it doesnt screw Laurel.

- WTH does Desiree think she is. Let me just go through Stephanies bag. The hell you do. Ugh.

- Chelsea proved this episode that either 1) she wont stand up to her alliance and is a sheep or 2) this is foreshadowing for a flip.

- Angela was snuffed again along with Wendell and James really lol idc.

- Donathon had some good moments this episode that actually made me feel sincerely bad for him.

- The fact Chris and Sebastian are going up in the rankings is because I am hating others more.

- Dom I am excited to watch because he is either going to make a crazy move or it will all blow up in his face.

- Jenna fell because she is starting to seem more useless and now that Steph is gone she will have to find a new brain.

Rankings after vote 4

Biggest raise: Donathon
Biggest Drop: Desiree

Ask any questions and express any concerns!

#castings #rookies #survivor


Clarification biggest raise and drop are not actually measured on how many spots they moved up or down it is more how my opinions changed
Sent by Dibby1010,Mar 22, 2018

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