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Pokemon Ranking (Bug Type) 57th-55th

Feb 22, 2018 by Dibby1010
List of Pokemon still remaining:

57th - Wimpod

I'm not going to lie I do not know a lot about Wimpod. I have played through sun and moon but never thought those Wimpod that run about worthy to catch. Compared to some peoples opinions I really enjoyed the sun and moon gen and had a hard time choosing pokemon. That is why Wimpod ranks so low down here. Its evo Golisopod is actually pretty lit but Wimpod is not lit. It also seems as though there should be a second evo in between the two.So I guess the reason Wimpod is so low on my ranking is that it is not memorable to me.

56th - Kakuna

The first gen 1 pokemon to be ranked is Kakuna. The reason I guess Kakuna is pretty low is mostly cause of personal vendettas. I hated this thing as it took forever to kill unless you had Charmander or had a high level Pidgey but I felt obligated to to train. Also for some reason in gen 1 anything poison was my weakness. Kakuna unlike Metapod does not hold a sweet spot in my heart what so ever. I do like its design and the name (cause get its like a cocoon haha :/). Other than that using Kakuna is a pretty good thing because it can poison other pokemon for you when you need it.

55th - Venonat

Venonat is down here mostly because I do not really understand it. Like was it a piece of fuzz or lint. It shows up late enough in the game when I usually already chose Butterfree or Beedrill and have no more interest in working with a bug type pokemon and its kind of ugly to me. It doesnt really like a bug to me either. (Possibly a demented rabbit with compound eyes and antennae.) One perk about Venonat is that is a pretty decent pokemon as it can learn psychic and poison type moves. Plus the standard bug and when it evolves flying type. So in battle it is a very malleable pokemon that you can tune to your needs which is why it is ranked high than I would like it to be.


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The misunderstood bug
Sent by TJ2807,Feb 23, 2018
I have worked with Wimpod, and honestly, you're better off waiting until it evolves into Golisopod before really sending it out into battle.  I HATE its Ability (which is the same thing except with a different name when Wimpod evolves) and its brittle.  BUT it is worth catching if you're wiling to be patient enough for when it becomes Golisopod.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 23, 2018
Venonat is so cute! It's one of my fave first lines of Kanto.
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Feb 23, 2018

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