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Pokemon Ranking (Bug Type) 60th-58th

Feb 20, 2018 by Dibby1010
List of Pokemon still remaining:

60th - Cascoon

Coming in 62nd is Cascoon. I actually really love how Cascoon's and Silcoon's design look other than the fact you can only see one eye. But after the fact that their designs make sense and and still have an appeal to them they are pretty lack luster. Not anything special tha t can learn except harden which at this point was just expected. There is nothing special about them and they are pretty annoying on the games when facing them if you haven't caught a type better than them. Idk really where else to put them in the ranking but here...

59th - Silcoon

Silcoon is the exact same as Cascoon but I ranked it higher because its design is more realistic yet cool which is what appeals to me.

58th - Wormadam

So if you havent checked out my blog about Burmy yet you should. Anyways Wormadam ranks this low because of Burmy mostly. Wormadam doesnt have to deal with the cloak changes depending on the last place battled but only females evolve and  it evolves with whatever coat it last had. AND ITS PERMANENT. Anyways Wormadan although it has to potential to be pretty strong just gets drug down the drain by Burmy and Im okay with that.


#castings #rookies #survivor


I personally like silcoon and Cascoon better than like metapod and kakuna esthetic-wise,
But yay some of the crappier ones being flushed out early so we can get to the good stuff LOL
Sent by TJ2807,Feb 20, 2018
Ironic thing is, as much as I despise the Burny line, Wormadam is actually the one of the 3 I hate the least, which says absolutely nothing at all.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 20, 2018
cascoon <3
Sent by Absol,Feb 20, 2018
Icarus_Mark Wormadam is a verygood pokemon I just never use it cause you got to go trough burmy first. Also Usually I want the steel version which sometimes sucks to evolve into in a building somewhere.
Sent by Dibby1010,Feb 21, 2018
Dibby1010  Yeah, like I said, Wormadam being the member of that evolutionary line I hate the least says nothing at all and is just a case of hating Burmy and Mothim even more.  I still hated using Wormadam regardless of the cloak.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 21, 2018
OHHHHHHHH Icarus_Mark I misunderstood what you wrote and took as it that is was in your top 3 but now reading it again I understand. Sorry!
Sent by Dibby1010,Feb 21, 2018

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