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Pokemon Ranking (Bug Type) 69th-67th

Feb 15, 2018 by Dibby1010
List of Pokemon still remaining:

69th - Combee

So before I get all the comments about combee being so low let me explain myself. Combee is a useless piece of garbage until it evolves. ALSO only the females will evolve into vespiquen so that makes half of them completely and udderly useless unless for breeding. I made the mistake once before I knew on the females evolve of training a male one until like 3 levels over where it would have evolved if it was a female. So I do have a little vendetta against this piece of honeycomb.

68th - Spewpa

Spewpa is down here around the bottom and ranked lower than either of its counterparts. Many of the the other 2nd form at least resemble something that makes sense like a chryssalis or cocoon (mind my spelling). But no it looks like some gray thing whering a plastic bag. It does have a great defense and can learn protect but I am more of an offensive battler so it just does not work for me.

67th - Shuckle

Shuckle mostly ranks this low because I have no idea WHY its a bug type or any type. Back in the 2nd gen whose idea was it to make shuckle. Like what is it? A worm in an apple or rock? And worms are not bugs so... Its actually the mold pokemon but its bug and rock type. Like I feel we missed the chance for a good poison type here. Anyways shuckle is decent in battle BUT it is not intimidating or cute and just confusing as to why it exists.


#castings #rookies #survivor


tag me please please
Sent by Absol,Feb 15, 2018
Shuckle is just a hilariously confusing pokemon XD
Sent by TJ2807,Feb 15, 2018

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