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Here is where I say goodbye.

Jan 10, 2019 by DavidM7
Well its been just over FOUR YEARS and 3 accounts that I've been on this site. This place has brought me so much enjoyment and the ability to peruse my passion of sur vigor and helped me get into Big Brother. Although apart from group games (and in them sometimes) this site is horrible and just terrible for mental health, there are some gems here.

THIS IS NOT goodbye for good cause I'll check in to bet to gift my friends to repay them for ALL they've done AND maybe play some all star group games but it's Definetly gonna be inactive

Obviously group games. I adore these things because they put me into a game I can only DREAM of playing

And there's a FEW fantastic people as well

K4r4k took me under her wing from day one and she has always been so kind and generous. With a site that has so much terrible in it, she really makes things bearable. Keep shining your light 馃挄

I know we never talk anymore but I adore you. You're so kind and so funny. You are always there for people when they need you and you really know how to brighten someone's day. I remember back when I first joined and we were super tight with Barbiie and Kelly and thought we were the shit 馃槀

We arent super close but you're a good friend. We work so well together in games and you are always there to defend me when I need it

Idk if you'll ever cime back on but you're a fantastic guy. You work hard at everything you do amd I couldn't have asked for a better person to take over my survivor series. You're amazing!

Again we rarely talk but you're so much fun to talk to when we do. You seem way too good to be on this site but in glad you are 馃槉

Amazingly loyal amd incredibly nice. You and I really just met and since I am not that active we aren't great friends but I know you deserve so much appreciation for just how awesone you are so here it is!

I love and miss you so much. I never imagined I would cry over tengaged but you brought me to tears. You also brought me,to laughter and joy when you were around though and I'm forever greatful for that! Love you always 馃挄 rest well.

You are a fantastic friend and host. You are one of the nicest people I've met in general and a super loyal friend. You're funny and super cool. Thank you so much for hosting and being a great friend to me and many others

AS MUCH as we fight now and really aren't friends in the slightest, I cant sent that we once were like best friends. You did bring me a lot of fun in my noon days so thank you for that.

I want to write and tag about so many more but I just dont have the time. I love you all and thanks for a great 4 years

A few others whom I adore:


look forward to seeing you on the new site after this one finishes dying ;)
Sent by NexusCain,Jan 10, 2019
Ty David you are rlly fun to chill with I remember when we first started talking. I think it was when I was asking around to do my first charity and you said you would help. Good ol days. One of the coolest dudes no lie 馃槑 DavidM7
Sent by MoneyShot,Jan 11, 2019
<3 maybe we鈥檒l play a group game together :)
Love you David enjoy your time away
Sent by Philip13,Jan 11, 2019
Love you David 鉂わ笍
Sent by Iceey,Jan 11, 2019
OMG man I'm sad to see you go! But I wish you the best of luck! Our experience in Noah's Survivor: Greece is still one of my favorites even the way I lost to you due to someone throwing a vote your way because they thought no one on the jury would vote for you is freaking hilarious to me. I wish you all of the best things in the world and you BETTER not forget me :P DavidM7
Sent by Jaybirdnifty,Jan 11, 2019
Yeah this better not be goodbye forever 馃槶 you鈥檙e really a great dude and always been there for me, just as you say I鈥檝e been there for you. It鈥檚 funny how you鈥檙e always cast in the light of being a villain because to me you are a hero. You鈥檙e MY hero! And you will forever be my friend, with or without this site. I could go on and on, so I鈥檒l just stop here and say I love you. You鈥檙e one of my favorites 馃挏
Sent by k4r4k,Jan 11, 2019
<3, thank you David.  I remember how we really became friends through Matt but over time developed a friendship of our own.  I鈥檓 so glad you came back from #Davidftw123 because if you didn鈥檛, I鈥檇 have never gotten to know you as well.  I hope to interact with you further and I鈥檒l always cherish your friendship.
Sent by noah_kondon,Jan 11, 2019
Bye buddy always a pleasure
Sent by kwiens18,Jan 11, 2019
Awh David <3
Love you matey :)
We literally only got to play once, but you were a pleasure to play with, amazing guy, great player. I also really appreciate you messaging me the over day, love you bro you're a top guy !! <3
Sent by J2999,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by RArsenault,Jan 12, 2019
OMG i'm sorry i just now noticed this. I was in the middle of a hiatus too.

Thanks for the mention. I know we didn't talk much after BHDS Survivor, but I am glad to have met you during that. We got 1st and 2nd, and it was my very first group game. It made me continue with them and even created an adoration for group games--even as they can be stressful and highly competitive.

So thanks for being you. I'm glad we met, and I do cherish you.

<3 DavidM7
Sent by Garrett5,Apr 23, 2019

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