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I know for a fact

19thJun 20, 2018 by DavidM7
Bryantandf does not rig his games and never will.

A few years ago I took Bryan on as a Co host to my second season of survivor where he helped so much with planning and designing that he took over the entire series by season 4 and became a sole host. I've helped him here and there since and I can confirm he has never once even remotely rigged anything in his series. Bryan is one of the best and most dedicated hosts I've ever seen so don't listen to Steve.


I’ve played one of his games, and he rigged it
Sent by Carsonl,Jun 20, 2018
So maybe he doesn't rig...all of his games?
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jun 20, 2018

You've never played in my group game before so stop making false rumours when it's not even true.
Sent by bryantandf,Jun 20, 2018

No I don't rig my games at all :(
Sent by bryantandf,Jun 20, 2018
I was always wondering what the D stood for?
Sent by HUNTERBC88,Jun 21, 2018

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