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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thSep 23, 2021 by David2560
First of all I wanna say some things about nick speech:

David has bullied his way through this game. Accusing people of being racists, xenophobic, and pedos.

I never called someone in the cast racist, xenophobic or pedo (well, we actually had one lol) but if this person is trying to lie about me, he is losing his nerves because I never said that to anyone in the house. EmmaM can confirm this because we talked about this and even Eoin and sosyomomma can say it i never said anything to them.

The only thing that is true is Nick agrouped the hispanic people so we had to go against him because he was gunning for us. But he failed all the time... He even said that in his vlog so idk wheres the problem

Comming to this game with a target in my back, first for being spanish and second because people said I was a popularity threat, this game hasnt been easy for me.

I can say I've been in a set everyday and I only went up twice because of someone's split. I want to continue in this game because I've been loyal to my allies and I controlled my own game always except the two times I went up because that was something that wasn't going to happen, me not being nommed.

I wanna say thank u to everyone who saved me against Emma and to everyone who is saving me now!!

Plzz, evict Nick


love youuu, they both did, have receipts xoxo
Sent by Eoin,Sep 23, 2021
Love you
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Sep 23, 2021
++ Good luck <3
Sent by nenalalala,Sep 23, 2021
You were robbed :(
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 24, 2021

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