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David's Music Game - Week 4 RESULTS

Jan 24, 2021 by David2560
Good night Europe and good afternoon America!

This round has been sooo hard for me because there were a lot of good songs that remind me of my childhood, and some other that were good

This round any submision was horrible so thank u all for this lmao <3 Im sad that some of you have been at the bottom with good songs, but... it is what it is!


---- TOP ----
1- varlto (13 points) / Nena Daconte - Tenía Tanto Que Darte / Honestly I expected a song like this from you. We live in the same country and we have similar ages, maybe we have the same, so the possibilities of a song that reminds me my childhood could be one of yours, and it was. I listened to this song with my family on the radio and its one of thats songs that reminds me of my childhood! And I love when in the discos plays this songs!!! Good job

2- Petro (12 points) / B.oB ft. Halsey - Airplanes / This is such a good song and I think my teacher played too in music class LMAO, but honestly this is a good song and I love it. It was good to listening to it again!!

3- Strawberri (11 points) / Maria Isabel - Antes Muerta Que Sencilla / The same as varlto, we are spanish and we were born in 99, so it was going to be imposible you to submit a song that didnt remind me of my childhood. I love this song, maria isabel is such a queen, now is a choni.

---- SAFE ----
4- Arris (10 points) / Linkin Park - In The End / Another song I listened to when I was younger and I love it!!! This is a good song and im not a fan of Linkin Park, but this song its so cool!!

5- Natepresnell (9 points) / Amaral - Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás / THE SAME AS VARLTO AND STRAWBERRI, you being half spanish and being one year younger than me it was going to be difficult to put a song that I couldnt know lmao. I love this song, and this song has a very especial meaning for everyone and I guess its the reason you post it!

6- hwest14 (8 points) / ¡Scooby! - Hex Girls / I wasnt a big fan of this cartoon, but this song is amazing. I didnt knew about this but I really like it! And obviously its a song that can remind you of your childhood!

7- Becksta20 (7 points) / Britney Spears - Oops!.... I Did It Again / This is a good song Becks! I really love Britney because she is a queen and this song its one of my favorites, but there were some songs that were better!

8- christossss (6 points) / Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura / I KNOW YOU ARE GONNA HATE ME, I love this song, but there were better songs on this round. This is getting so hard because you are all posting really good songs! ily baby

9- Memphis_Grizzlies (5 points) / Avril Lavigne - Complicated / This is a good song too, but there were a lot that were better and im not a big fan of Avril. However, you didnt send anything awful this time LMAO, jk, ily

10- BadBunny (4 points) / RBD - Solo Quédate En Silencio / la vdd que nunca seguí esta serie aun que en españa tampoco fue muy famosa, pero me h gustado, pero la verdad es que ha habido mejores <3

---- BOTTOM ----
11- Marwane (3 points) / Nancy Ajram - Shakhbat Shakhabit / I hate to do this bro buuut people submit a lot of good songs. I told u I liked this song but idk, maybe its because i dont understand what are they saying, but I like the rythm. Maybe if you have send me your dancing video you would have win LMAO jk

12- NotNicky333 (2 points) / KIDZ Bop Kids - Sweet Dreams / I guess this was like the star kids of your generation in USA and I liked it but I ranked it how I liked it and this is your position :(

13- CrimsonEnnui (1 point) / Total Drama - Come Fly With Us / this is the song I liked the less in this round, this wasnt horrible or something like this, like in the others week that were some of them that were horrible, but its the one i liked the least!

And with 25 points, the person eliminated this round is....

BadBunny , CrimsonEnnui and Memphis_Grizzlies are tied with 25 points!

So based on today's results, the person eliminated is...
CrimsonEnnui . Coming on last place today its what it gives you this! Im sorry

#Natepresnell - 47 points
#Strawberri - 46 points
#varlto - 43 points
#Petro - 37 points
#Arris - 34 points
#hwest14 - 33 points
#christossss - 31 points
#Marwane - 30 points
#NotNicky333 - 30 points
#Becksta20 - 26 points
#Memphis_Grizzlies - 25 points
#BadBunny - 25 points

My song would have been this lmao:


rig .
Sent by christossss,Jan 24, 2021
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jan 24, 2021

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