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David's Music Game - Week 3 RESULTS

Jan 23, 2021 by David2560
Hello girls and gays, good night europe and good afternon america

Honestly I have to say thank you to those who were originals this round (and the lasts ones) because I love originality! This week I wanted to give more points to the ones were original and to the songs I liked it and I didnt listen before!

The results are.....

---- TOP ----
1- NotNicky333 (14 points) / I Just Had Sex feat Akon / Honestly idk why im giving you the first position but I laughed a lot with this song because I FEEL THIS LMAO. I know its a funny song but honestly I loved it. Good job nicky!

2- varlto (13 points) / Luna Ki - Septiembre / memeeeo ya conocia esta canciónnn y me hacía mucha gracia. esta vez he querido valoraros a la gente original y daros más puntos que a la gente que pone lo típico y por eso este segundo puesto, por una canción tan divertida!!!

3- Natepresnell (12 points) / Hatari - Klámstrákur / I think its the only song that made me feel horny LMAO. Honestly its a good song for this theme and I liked it. Good job again Daniel!

---- SAFE ----
4- Marwane (11 points) / SoMo - Or Nah (Rendition) / This is a good song for this theme and for thats you are 4th. However, this is not the typical song you listen to when its related to sex, at least me lmao. And I liked it, so good job!!

5- Arris (10 points)  / Rihanna - Kiss It Better / Honestly Rihanna is a queen and I knew someone would submit one of her songs. I think this is one of her best songs and she is amazing! good job this week arek

6- christossss (9 points) / Bad Bunny x Jowell & Randy x Ñengo Flow - Safaera / I think submiting a reggaeton song its an easy submit because most of the reggaeton’s song talks about sex, buuuuuuuuuuut, i cant give you a bad position because I love Bad Bunny

7- CrimsonEnnui (8 points) / Ariana Grande - 34+35 / I knew someone would submit this song and I honestly love this song. I give you this position because I think its an easy choice…

8- Strawberri (7 points) / Rihana - Love On The Brain / Ay amo a Riri y esta canción, pero es lo que te digo, creo que me hubiese gustado algo fuera de lo típico, algo que me guste y algo nuevo sobre lo que no he escuchado, quiero que me sorprendais, y espero que lo hagas en la siguiente ronda!

9- BadBunny (6 points) / Winsin Y Yandel ft. Aventura - Noche de Sexo / A ver Carlis, es una opción correcta pero creo que te has ido a lo fácil. Por lo que te conozco se que lo podrias hacer mucho mejor y espero que lo hagas <3 un besi

10- Petro (5 points) / Ariana Grande - Into You / Another Ariana’s Grande song and I love it. This is one of my favorites songs of her but I think its an easy submit but I still like it! La próxima semana sorprendeme mi amor

11- Memphis_Grizzlies (4 points) / Usher - Climax / I knew this theme would be hard for you buuut I think you could have done better if you looked for it more time and maybe asking red or peter lmao! Its not the worst song of this week and I like Usher, but this song is meh

---- BOTTOM ----
12- hwest14 (3 points) / Chase Rice - Ride / To be honest, when I started listening to it, if you dont pay attention to the lyrics, it doesnt seems a sex song, its seem like a love song. For this reason and because I didn’t like it, you are here!

13- Thirteen (2 points) / Lady Gaga - Love Game / Lmao not thirteen getting 13! I love Lady Gaga but I think this is not one of her best songs, and related with the theme, it didnt say nothing to me, you could have done better!

14- Becksta20 (1 point) / Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire / Honestly I didn’t like this song, idk how old are u but maybe we are from different generations and we like different types of songs…. but I hope you do better if u stay!

And with 12 points...........
THIRTEEN !! IM SORRY, thanks for playing

#Natepresnell - 38 points
#Strawberri - 35 points
#varlto - 30 points
#NotNicky333 - 28 points
#Marwane - 27 points
#christossss - 25 points
#hwest14 - 25 points
#Petro - 25 points
#CrimsonEnnui - 24 points
#Arris - 24 points
#BadBunny - 21 points
#Memphis_Grizzlies - 20 points
#Becksta20 - 19 points

---- ELIMINATED ----
14th: #Thirteen
15th: #Eagles3256
16th: #tbrown_47

my song for this theme would have been... THIS


I hate you.
Sent by christossss,Jan 23, 2021
Μωρε στειλε εκει τα γιδια που μπηκαν στο μαντρι ή το δωσμου δωσμου δωσμου το κορμι σου θελω θελω να μαι ο εραστης σου του κατμαν
Sent by vaggelis,Jan 23, 2021

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