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3rdJan 31, 2019 by Daulton7996
For an opinion. ❤️❤️

#DaddyDev - I don't really know you, but you can hmu if you'd like to talk. :)
#peace123 - Connor, we literally just met like 3 days ago, but you're super nice, and I would love to keep in touch.
#Vince125 - I don't really know who you are, but I'm always down to meet new people.
#Mitchkid64 - Mitch! I love you! You're super funny and really sweet and always down to TOS.
Maddog16 - Madi, you are seriously so iconic, and I love you forever. I'm so happy we met! And we will forever be the iconic #BitchSquad.
#bigbrotherlover7 - Bryce bby! We haven't talked in forever, and I miss you! But you're a really iconic King.
#JonMcGillis - Not really sure who you are, but I basically get along with everyone, so hmu sometime. :)
CrimsonEnnui - Lee, you and I have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we're still friends, and Ily. I love going on call playing games and stuff and being shady in TOS. You’re iconic, and tbh I wouldn’t have it any other way. <3
iYBF - Anthony, ugh such an icon. We haven't talked in a while tbh, but I would love to catch up!
cocacola__96 - Ok, Eric. I love Canadians first off, so there's a plus. And also, you're a SUPER SNOWBOARDER, so there's another plus. Icon all around. I hope we can get closer seeing as how we just met. :)
pinkiepie512 - Ugh, Grace. When people hear "icon" they immediately think of you, or at least they should because that's what you are. You're so nice and genuine, and your personality is contagious. I'm happy I got to meet you as well, and here's to being long-time friends!
bblover567 - Kevin, we've known each other for quite awhile through other communities and friends, and you're still the same amazing guy I met all that time ago. I love you. <3
s73100 - Sam, you are a King. Point blank and the period. You are iconic and quite adorable. #WannaDate? :p
#Birks4444 - Birks, you're really special. You're like an annoying little brother that doesn't ever go away but when you finally do, you're missed. I'm thankful for meeting you, and hopefully our friendship lives on forever. <3
#C_Shizz96 - CHRIS! I love you so much! From my TOS buddy to one of my best friends on this site, you are super iconic and amazing, and I'm truly thankful for your friendship all these years. *mwah*
#BrittBritt - Have you ever known a more iconic queen? No? Me neither. You ARE the epitome of an iconic queen, and even though we just met recently, you're someone I honestly see myself being friends with for a long time. Love you, girl.
#RedsKanto - Kyle, you and I also just recently met, but you're super cool. Good luck solving that giant ass Rubik's Cube you have. :)
#Minniemax - Minnie, I just met you, so I don't know you as well, but with a name like Minnie, you HAVE to be a queen. I hope we can get to know each other better. <3
#lexeyjane - Ok, let me start by saying your name sounds iconic, so I'm sure you are too. Unfortunately, I don't really know you, but I always love making new friends. <3
M_Davis1998 - Michael, honestly, what a KING. You are amazing and super nice! I love being your friend. :)
ghrocky100 - Alex, King of YouTube Survivor! (Best game on YouTube.) I've met so many icons because of your game, so thank you for that. Other than being an iconic host, you're really funny and really nice, and I've known you for quite a while now. Keep being you!
TheSexiestDude990 - Julian! Ugh, I love you. You're quite the icon if I do say so myself. I've known you for quite a while, and I can't really say anything bad about you. You're amazing!
#CalebDaBoss - I know you were on YT Survivor, and you seem really nice, but I can't say too much about you as I don't know you as well, but honestly, I'm super nice, so you'd probably like me?
mradamman12 - Adam! I've known you longer than most people on this site. You got me into Mini's a LONG time ago, and we ALMOST had an unintentional meetup IRL. You're super nice and a good friend. :)
Darbe - ICON ICON ICON. You should hmu sometime to get to know me better. I'm a social butterfly, and people tell me I'm nice. :)
Halloween - Dylan, you and I have come a LONG way. From literal bitter enemies to ok acquaintances. You are a hot mess usually, but I guess that’s why you’re so memorable.
coreyants - Corey, we haven’t talked in a while, but you’re actually super iconic. We’ve known each other for quite a while, and you’re really cool!
BigBrother_78 - Jacob, we just met, and I don’t know you that well, but I’m sure we’ll be talking a lot more in the near future. I look forward to getting to know you. :)
Rocketokid13 - Billy, I love me an Australian fella! You’re super cool, always down for TOS or whatever, and you’re really chill and laid back. I love you.
oreo270 - Paige, honestly, you are such a good person. You’re nice, pretty, and super iconic. You are amazing, and you should never change.
Ethan000 - Ethan, we used to slay Tengaged group games together like true icons. <3. You and I haven’t really talked in a while, but I hope we can catch up.
NicoleF - Eddie, to see we’ve had our differences would be an understatement, but you’re honestly not that bad. I get the passion you have about games because I’m the same way. I’m glad that we’re not mad at each other anymore lol.
itsaustin - Austin, I love when you slay the fuck out of me on Curve Fever and when we play TOS. We’ve known each other for quite a while now, and I’m happy we’ve recently reconnected.
Alanb1 - Ok, you are AMAZING! I’m honestly so happy that we’ve gotten to officially meet. You are such a good person, and I honestly hope I can aspire to be like you. <3
adeleadele - Icon af. We haven’t talked in so long, but you’re honestly someone I’d consider a friend. I’d love to catch up sometime. :)
BengalBoy - You’re actually really cool. I don’t know you THAT well, but you’re really relevant which has to mean something right? :D HMU if you want to get to know me better.
Dustin24688642 - Ok, wow. Well, despite recent events which I was a little rough on you for, I still consider you one of my closest friends, and a game isn’t going to change that. I still love you.
Burgerman2929292 - Ok, idk you that well, but your username is amazing lol. I’d love to get to know you more. :)
rowjone - I also don’t really know you that well, but I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends. You should HMU sometime.
WannaBeeFriends - Chance, I love you lol. From the days of slaying your Ultimate Stars, we go back a little bit. You’re a funny person, and I love having you as a friend.
TheDeceiver - I’m not sure who you are, but your name is kind ominous. Don’t ever deceive me, and we can be friends. :D
wildboy12 - Austin, you’re one crazy motherfucker, but I love you for it lol. And I wouldn’t have you any other way. Keep being you, you’re amazing.
temponeptune - Bryce! We haven’t talked in forever, but I honestly do miss you. We’ve known each other for quite a while now, but we’ve fallen out of touch with each other. But I love you. Hopefully we can catch up sometime.


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