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Hunger Games - 16th

14thSep 27, 2015 by Darriusdabest
imagealthough this placement isn't one of my bests, this is one where there was lots of drama behind. It took them 80 rows to clear me of my 100 health. I had 8xp and 2 ax's. This is my cast review ...

gentlemang : You are one of the most ANNOYING people to play with in whatever game it is, you have this mentality that youre SOOOO safe and that no one is ever gonna come for you. The cockiest bitch ever. I dont regret being fake to you because you came to my advantage. A good thing about you is that you know how to play both sides, lets see how far this will get you.

goodallan : I believe you have what it takes to win this hunger, although you were so fake and just wouldn't admit to being with thunder, you shooting me for him just proves you're a liar. So what was the point of the lies? Exactly there was none.

tpidude73 : You floated ... but thanks for the 10 health you gave after I ran from #bowkane

skootereyz : I fuck with you, thank you for the help towards the end, thanks for staying true to me. I really do love you < 3. But listen, get close to them noobs, that shit is gonna be like Revenge of The Fucking Nerds, not to be rude but out of Will / Marcus / Thunder / Allan you on the bottom :(

iamtrey : Big ass Porsche Briggs, its day 3 and you now tryna play the game. Goodluck tho!

bowkane : I knew coming into this we would have problems, you were afraid of Ray and saw me as the next thing. I tried to dismiss our differences, but no matter what I'm not mad at you. I wouldn't mind seeing you win.

thunderbird667 : BIIIIIITCH. If you don't want to get attacked ? DONT GO IN CORN! You had 3 xp, clearly you werent the best at challenges so i took that as the perfect opportunity to attack! You should learn to fight your battles next time. Allan only came to your rescue because you are eventually gonna suicide like you do EVERY hunger.

frozenshadow09 : We talked, I didnt trust Allan as much as I trusted you but it kinda hurt when you attacked me, so I don't think that we will recover from this to be honest. Blame yourself and not "Peer Pressure"

totaldramalover1234 : You haven't done much, i do appreciate the help when it came to shooting Simpizzle. Goodluck, you gotta do something soon tho

icebeast : after skooter, you are on the bottom of your alliance as well! I was shocked to see you shoot me but whatever. I won't forget. I don't think you will win tho, gl

bigbrotherdonny : try something else besides coming online every 7 hours and asking for bush

missdifferent : try something else besides coming online every 7 hours and asking for bush

queenrosalina : first time playing with you :) you were nice and I enjoyed our calls! I do think you are good with both sides but know that when the outsiders are all gone, you are next.


skylord : I love you will all my heart, do what you gotta do to win this shit babe ; you arent dumb so I know you have something up your sleeve. Get they asses out one by one until you avenge my death


I wish i would get 2nd gurll
Sent by iamtrey,Sep 27, 2015
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,Sep 27, 2015
Sent by Mikey_Elite,Sep 27, 2015
Me not getting one bye
Sent by Jinxh,Sep 27, 2015
grats hun
Sent by pikachu142,Sep 27, 2015
the shade
i am sipping my tea atm
Sent by semajdude,Sep 27, 2015
Sent by bowkane,Sep 27, 2015
Gave you 10 health and you wasted it smh
Sent by tpidude73,Sep 28, 2015
tpidude73 i was @ 100 health when shot soooo
Sent by Darriusdabest,Sep 28, 2015

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