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~~Can You Survive 20: Fans vs Favorites Application~~ Mar 2, 2016
Over the past six seasons, there have been a wide variety of exciting players who have had a heavy impact on the game. This season, twelve of them will return to face off against twelve new players. It will be a season where true loyalties will be tested. It is finally time for Can You Survive 20: Fans vs Favorites!

The game is set to begin on April 7th and will last for 42 days. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application posted below and production will be in contact about setting up your interview. Because we will only be picking six new guys and six new girls, make sure your interview is outstanding if you want to be chosen.
If you have any questions, contact any member of Production:
Brandon Clark - Patrick Haught - Julie Wheeler - Jesse Smith
If you have any questions about the application process feel free to mail me here or Skype me at danieled22 Thanks! :*
Good luck and we can't wait to meet everyone!

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How can we Jul 24, 2015
get Clay evicted this week?
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YES LIZ!!!!!! Jul 24, 2015
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I'm happy for Jackie Jul 23, 2015
But Julia is going to cry having to tell Liz they got nommed
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Audrey was in the DR Jul 20, 2015
longer than Jodi was in the game. Let that sink in.
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