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2ndOct 11, 2014 by DanielKennedy111
Don't post if you don't want to be insulted.

If I don't know you, I'm going to skip you.


Lemjam6 - Jake, I think you definitely are bipolar like your friends say. However, you only show 1 side with me and that is just a generally normal person... But I have seen the huge insult blogs and everything and it's just like "Aw.". Overall, I do enjoy talking to you but I hope you start taking Tengaged a little less seriously.

Aydanmac01 - Aydan, you are really nice. I really do enjoy talking to you. In Gemma's game you really did nothing which helped me because you were one less threat to my game. Overall, I was sad to see you go because you trusted me, and had my back. :|

Maxi1234 - Max, you definitely have grown a lot lately. I have too, but I am just happy that I got to actually get to know you as a person and not as a persona. You are a sweet kid and you deserve happiness. :)

Typhlosion37 - We don't talk, I know you are connected to Donutdude somehow... I really don't remember. You are cool.

chrisw756 - Chris, you are really nice and friendly. I always have enjoyed your goofy ways, you make me smile. I am really happy and blessed to call you my friend. I wished I lived closer to your time zone so that I could talk to you more.

Thumper91 - Honestly, your "niceness" pisses me the fuck off sometimes. You can't be that nice all the time. I have seen your blogs recently and it made me feel like I was seeing the real you... :)

carleebear - I don't know enough about you to insult you, sorry.

Dhucking_Quacks - I don't know you

kasey2011 - Dusty's friend who I haven't talked to... You seem nice.

skyler1822 - Seemly's friend. I haven't talked to you in a really long time but you were really nice to me.

nikki101 - You are a fucking slut both on this website and off of it. You are funny as hell and I love you because you will never hit on me because you know I see right through you. xoxo have  a good life ;)

dash - You are really cool and I always have enjoyed talking to you but you are at times monotonous so it bores me

mocallio - you are the guy who called out dusty for being racist and it was funny

bamold1999 - I don't understand you at all. I like you but you take games too seriously idk. Your voice makes me laugh and I am pretty sure you don't have any other hobbies other than Tengaged. I enjoy talking to you when I can but I think it's funnier to watch you have meltdown over games

mattkwon1 - havent talked to you in a while but hey man

marwane - you dont like me and find me annoying yet I have only talked to you once like, 4 months ago? kinda questioning your judgement skills

littlemix - ty for the follow on instagram but I dont talk to you. you are a bit obsessed with some things like tengaged I find but maybe im wrong?

holllyy1230 - Holly, I used to despise you because I thought you brought down Jackson with your depressive and pessimistic attitude. Overall, I was probably being such an asshole, LOL! Now, I think you are happier and I actually do get along with you very well. I am happy I got to know you and I am looking forward to our friendship growing more over time.

MariahAnn - hi dont talk to you much but you have been a sweetie to me

peterya - Don't talk to you much. You're nice and I plus your spam.

JetsRock12 - Holy fucking shit. You are literally fake as fuck. I only thought you were fake in Stars but it really seems like you are just fake throughout Tengaged. You say your opinion, contradict yourself, and then manage to have everyone believe you are neutral again. I saw you be an ass to your "friend" peeps. I find it all funny. I seriously fucking hate playing Stars with you because I literally die.

Mojieee - Hi Mojo. :)

Stering_Butter - You are really fucking retarded if you think I am fat shaming, first. Second, you are really intense which I can handle but you 100% do it for attention. In your case, it actually isn't even a bad thing: it's expected. I think overall you are a great and funny friend.

Padfoot - Not sure who you are (originally). Don't know you or how you are.

Brandonpinzu - Brandon, after everything that has happened between us it's hard to imagine that I still care about you, but I do. Not as a lover or anything, but simply just a human being. I care about you more than most people on here and I don't talk to you nearly as much. I have always wished the best for you and I am always happy to hear the success you have had lately not only at your job, but also socially. Overall, after Tengaged I hope we can keep in contact.

panda13 - Panda, I am obsessed with you. I fucking love playing Stars with you and I honestly want you to win so fucking bad. You always have my back and I always have yours. :)

Lights - I don't know if you hate me or like me. I have learned with you (+ Eddie) that I can't really do anything to get y'all to like me so I really just have stopped fucking trying and just tried being myself. I think this has worked to avoid conflict, and we actually do have good + fun convos. Past aside, you are really cool and I am glad we are acting cordial again.

SomebodyAwesome - Sim you know how I feel about you. You are my little brother and I cannot think of my life on Tengaged without you. You remind me of... well me. You are driven, focused, and determined to be the best YOU that you can be. I cannot be prouder of the person that you are and the person that you will become some day. Beyond that, I love how bitchy you have become and how much you are like me. I fucking love you Sim. :)

#cotbey - Drew, we haven't talked in ages. However, I think you are such a saint for carrying that down syndrome girl on your tribe for so long!

#jojo7784 - Jojo, I really think you do mean well. You come across as very abrasive and agitated a lot which turns people away from you. You are a bit naive but I think as you grow on this website you will see where you belong. I see a lot of potential in you though

#thanos - You are so nice! I know I can count on you if I needed anything. You are really cool and I hope we can play a few games soon.

#MoooHades - We don't talk beyond that grouo game. That was real fun

#Aquamarine - Fine no opinon 4 u

#temponeptune - I really dont talk to you


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i dont mind being insulted.
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why not
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Me, even tho I'm prolly getting skipped
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me danielkennedy111
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lets go
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I would not suggest insulting people.
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You never update why do you do these
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It's funny because you call me fake  yet you NEVER talk to me outside of Stars where you are twice as fake as I am :*... But tbh.. I love playing stars with you because you make it sooo challenging because of how fake you are :*

And for that whole thing with Peeps... HA!
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Your littlebrother
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I don't talk to you because I don't like you. I am not going to try to like you because that's fake.
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sure me!!
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me if u get this far
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K just skip everyone else and do mine
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marie :)
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sure lol
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oops i forgot i commented on this already, my bad
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meee :o
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lol u have the worst opinions I have ever read or heard in my life. Stahp.
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me pls update
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you new me as zacxingcai or sp4rrow i think :S
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