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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Dec 14, 2020 by Danger
I never said 3pi14159 was a racist. I’ve also never been mean to that kid.

People believing Notnicky333 are more moronic than adults believing in Santa Claus. He’s blatantly said the N word several times and lies about it by saying “That wasn’t me” everytime someone calls him out on it

Nah not me bro :/ itsalexia try again
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 10, 2020

So if you want to believe a pathological lying racist and Memphis_Grizzlies who attacks me for breathing, then go ahead.

3pi supported a racist by calling him a “nice person” BUUUUUT 3pi clearly felt bad after he said it. However, the damage was done. I was offended but I’m not gonna hate someone half my age over something so stupid. I said he’s canceled because what he said was bad and he needs to learn that it was bad. Is he a bad person? Fuck no. That kid’s super nice and wouldn’t harm a fly - hence why even being mean to a racist was difficult for him to do.

I’ve talked to 3pi a couple times and he genuinely means no wrong. So anyone saying I’m bullying this kid with my ONE comment saying he’s “canceled” needs a reality check because I’m far more mean to actual racists.


That picture was from when Nick was 13....
Sent by Singsongers,Dec 14, 2020
singsongers I’ve seen so many screenshots of him saying the N word that I could fill a book. And even right now, he’s telling black people what they should and shouldn’t be offended over. He was a racist piece of shit in 2017 and in 2020 he’s still a racist piece of shit.
Sent by Danger,Dec 14, 2020

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