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“Pi handles racism better than you”

Dec 14, 2020 by Danger
Imagine comparing a black person being offended over racism to how a non-black person handles it. The blogs page is absolutely moronic right now.
And Notnicky333 literally got exposed for saying nigger JUST LAST WEEK by Itsalexia and people are supporting notnicky attacking me for being offended over racism LOOL

Just say you dislike me as a person & move on. You don’t have to use racism as a way to get at me.


He's Asian tf
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 14, 2020
That was a text message sent... 3 and a half years ago. I was 13.

At least right now I am helping, or at least trying to help people not be racist (idk how to phrase it.. end racism doesn't sound right)

all you are doing is being negative at a poor kid (pi) for both combatting racism and playing a game. it's not okay when he's doing what's right.
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 14, 2020
Memphis_Grizzlies Chance was insulting black people, not Asians.
Sent by Danger,Dec 14, 2020
Notnicky333 Saying “Pi is canceled” is one of the most harmless replies to someone supporting a racist ever. Stop being dramatic & stop gaslighting black people for being offended over racism.

What I said to Pi wasn’t bad at all, and I still like the kid. I never once insulted him.
Sent by Danger,Dec 14, 2020
1. I am not gaslighting you, I am not trying to make you think you are crazy. I am just trying to explain to you why you are wrong, or at least why I think you are wrong.

2. What you said clearly hurt him and maybe if you actually liked him you would spend your time apologizing to him instead of fighting his friends.
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 14, 2020
“What you said clearly hurt him” 3pi14159 hasn’t logged on since I made that comment so what’re you even talking about. You’re making shit up for what?

I’m gonna stop replying because all you do is lie. You lie about the screenshots of you saying nigger and now you’re lying about 3pi being offended over a comment he hasn’t even logged on to see. You’re still a racist  and how you’re acting right now just proved it to me.

And Memphis_Grizzlies supporting this behavior and acting like you just solidifies that he’s even more of a terrible person than most people already thought.

Just say you don’t care how black people feel if it’s against your friends & go tbh.
Sent by Danger,Dec 14, 2020
I care how black people feel regardless of any friendship. The human brain doesn't stop developing until 25 years old. I am 17, not even close to that age. I am still gaining a sense of morals, and overtime I have realized some of my past actions were wrong and I have apologized countless times.

memphis_grizzlies and I aren't bad people for defending our friend (my friend who im so close with who i nominated in rookies today.).

Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 14, 2020
If you’re defending your friend’s problematic behavior while simultaneously attacking black people that get offended by the behavior, then you are a racist supporting piece of shit notnicky333 memphis_grizzlies

Saying I’ve bullied that kid for simply expressing how he’s canceled in my book when I’m black and have the right to be offended over anti-blackness just shows that neither of you are true allies and care more about coddling your friend’s feelings than calling out what’s actually wrong.

3pi is like 18 years old, no one in seriousness hates him but he needed to learn that what he said was problematic and black people DO have the right to be offended over it. Am I gonna bully the kid? Fuck no. I never once said anything mean to that kid or about his character so just stop
Sent by Danger,Dec 14, 2020

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