Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Btw no one bullied Pampered81/Julie

May 15, 2020 by Danger
All we did was kick her & she called us fat ugly alcoholics. Only two of those insults actually apply to me anyway lol


The fat and alcoholic ones, right?
Sent by dav_o_79,May 15, 2020
the self drag...
Sent by CocoaBean,May 15, 2020
shes a baby
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,May 15, 2020
Wait i could’ve gotten a top blog when you kicked me???? and every other chat i’ve been kicked from???
malachite05 you hearing this?!?
Sent by Kindred7,May 15, 2020
danger add me to chat
Sent by malachite05,May 15, 2020

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