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Skype game at 10pm EST tonight

Jan 2, 2020 by Danger
Post your Skype or message me on Skype to play.

*I will say these rules in-game so you don’t have to learn them now*

Format: Winner of the daily challenge will be immune from elimination as everyone proceeds to vote for 1 person they want to see eliminated. The person with the most votes will be nominated for elimination BUT first must choose 2 people to form a Troika (nominee + 2 people chosen by the nom) that will have the power to make a majority group decision on the 2nd nominee. So yes, the 1st nominee will have a lot of power in deciding who the 2nd nominee is.

In the case of an elimination vote tie, the immune player will break it.
In case of a non decision made by the Troika, 1 of the 2 hand picked Troika members will become the official 2nd nominee through random pick.

The concluding 2 nominees for elimination will then compete in a luck challenge where the loser is eliminated and the winner stays.

This will repeat until final 6: Where everyone will pick their own 2 teams of 3 people and compete in the final challenge as a team. The team who wins the final challenge will become the official final 3 who will plead their case to the 9 person jury that will decide the overall winner of the game.


My Skype: Whatislife19
Sent by Danger,Jan 2, 2020
Meee live:lawrencebecton07
Sent by Lifeiscool,Jan 2, 2020

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