Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Every fat person I know is mentally challenged

Aug 30, 2019 by Danger
and really rude.

Change my mind.


points were made
Sent by Batya,Aug 30, 2019
who did u have in mind for this one
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 30, 2019
Bengalboy Tito
Sent by Danger,Aug 30, 2019
i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about titoburitto. u wouldnt say this shit to him irl, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 30, 2019
Sent by Decisions,Aug 30, 2019
Sent by danyyboy67,Aug 30, 2019
Damn u really r obsessed w me huh ? :) how my name taste it’s always in ur mouth
Sent by titoburitto,Aug 30, 2019

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