Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Imagine going through 9 months of labor pain

Mar 28, 2019 by Danger
For your kid to end up like Streamxx: A high pitched out of shape gay boy (inb4 "I'm skinny hun not out of shape"... when skinny is literally out of shape) that brags about spitting on a bus driver and makes consistent racist remarks online nearly everytime I see his name being mentioned.

I've done a lot of bad things but 2 things I'll NEVER do is
1. Be racist

Some people just weren't raised right.


what's your problem with skinny people?
Sent by BrunoMiguel,Mar 28, 2019
Streamxx A lot of my friends say your constant flirting with them is annoying and cringe btw. My suggestion is to quit Tengaged and reality shows altogether because you're clearly way too influenced and lack awareness of what you physically are.
Sent by Danger,Mar 28, 2019
BrunoMiguel Shutup bitch and accept my Skype request
Whatislife19 is my username
Sent by Danger,Mar 28, 2019
Exactly danger EXACTLYYYY
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Mar 28, 2019
I feel bad for his parents having to deal with his pathetic ass :x
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Mar 28, 2019
i cannot neg something factual
Sent by Minie,Mar 28, 2019
just Bcus I’m skinny doesn’t mean I don’t workout ermmm?? My blog wasn’t up for debate so idk why you feel the need to reply a 1000 word essay in response?? Unless your the judge I don’t wanna hear it x I have never flirted with anyone on tengaged lmao and if it’s the person I think you’re on about he’s constantly telling Lindb to educate on ‘black rights’ LMAO.. anyways I just woke up with a massive hangover and it’s time to get my eyebrows threaded !! Speak soon
Sent by Streamxx,Mar 28, 2019
and you always make blogs that LIE on me yet half of this website have me on my social media’s and know what I’m about🤣🤣 but ok I don’t need to flirt with anyone on a online website when I can go and get fucked irl by anyone rofl I was drunk LN hence why I made sexual blogs xxxx
Sent by Streamxx,Mar 28, 2019

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