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New Skype Game format

Aug 8, 2018 by Danger
Possible name: Rogue Ops? Mercenaries?

Format: Beginning every single round will select 5 players to be nominated for possible elimination. After, a poll will be opened and the 1 nominee with the highest percentage of votes after 5 exact minutes will be eliminated from the game. The other 4 nominees will be safe. This random nomination process will repeat until the final 3 where a pubic pollbox for all of Tengaged to vote in will determine the overall winner of Season 1 of whatever I’m eventually going to call this.

Every elimination will literally take 5 minutes so this will be a very fast game.


hunny work on the ISLAND and then we can talk about new games.
Sent by yoshicoolman,Aug 8, 2018
Do your push ups then talk to me bitchboy yoshicoolman
Sent by Danger,Aug 8, 2018
You have 2 missions to do that you haven’t even done Yoshicoolman
Sent by Danger,Aug 8, 2018

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