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  29. Old school Runescape is on mobile now!
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  32. ...... Yah I was in TBC too!
  33. Weed smoking causes lung cancer
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I’m so confused

Aug 6, 2018 by Danger
Are certain words and symbols able to make ur blog blacklisted?
I literally can edit this paragraph I have copy/pasted and it’ll automatically blacklist my blog


maybe the system is sick of u bullying people idk
Sent by peace123,Aug 6, 2018
Maybe the system is sick of u bullying people idk
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 6, 2018
peace123 This is your 4th comment about me just today while this is my first time replying. You constantly throw rocks even while you live in a glass home which is why you perceive me as a bully. When you get older you’re gonna look back and be extremely embarrassed with how obsessive you’ve been towards me.
Sent by Danger,Aug 6, 2018
Danger LOL the only thing I've said that was rude about you that wasn't 100% fact is that I'd "rather fuck the troll doll" which is literally NOTHING considering you threatened to kill me. I didn't even neg your blog and literally don't think of you at all on the daily I'm just trying to stress that people would like you a lot more if you didn't bully half of tengaged.

Also just because I tag you or comment on your blog doesn't mean I'm obsessed with you as you talk about me in TBC and comment on blogs about me all the time. I know you're 22 so your brain is fully developed which is sad because you're so immature, but maybe one day YOU'LL look back and be extremely embarrassed at your behavior :)
Sent by peace123,Aug 6, 2018
The last time I talked about you in TBC was when you told Jenzie to go get raped you psychotic fat loser.  I haven’t talked about you and neither has anyone else since then because you’re genuinely irrelevant as fuck to all of us Peace123
Sent by Danger,Aug 6, 2018
Danger u have 60 people and a quarter of them r friends with me. There is no need to lie I see the tea all the time.
Sent by peace123,Aug 6, 2018

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