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Do people

Aug 6, 2018 by Danger
Srsly think a highly distorted photoshopped picture of me next to a troll doll made in 2012 by Jenzie is rly funny 6 years later....? The people who constantly post it weren’t even on Tengaged when it was made LOL. It’d be maybe slightly funny if I didn’t look drastically different 6 years ago to now but whatever lmao

I have a bunch of vlogs and selfies too so irdg why ppl just don’t make a new phOtoshop of me instead of using  the same one from 6 years ago loool. Even Jenzie who made the pic doesn’t even use it


i mean you can't play victim if you post other peoples pics that were taken many years ago too lol
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 6, 2018
fighterman I’m literally laughing at it not playing victim r u on drugs
Sent by Danger,Aug 6, 2018
You need to smoke a blunt
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 6, 2018
i mean this blog is more of a cry than a laugh but to each their own lol danger
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 6, 2018
Hun I would’ve posted the pic myself in the blog if I could but I’m on my phone and don’t know how to save images from other people’s blogs fighterman the troll pic was literally The Breakfast Club skype pic for a week and rocker917’s Skype pic for days when he’s one of my bffs. You clearly need to reread the blog if you think I’m upset over this LOL fighterman
Sent by Danger,Aug 6, 2018
I just want new photoshops of me :((
Using the same one from 2012 is lame LOL. I have so many vlogs and selfies idg why ppl just wont make ones of me now :(((

Sent by Danger,Aug 6, 2018
The people who constantly post it weren’t even on Tengaged when it was made LOL.

I've been here hun Danger
Sent by Rocker917,Aug 6, 2018

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