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I’d be more surprised

Aug 1, 2018 by Danger
At crayadian messaging 15 year olds racist comments if he didn’t already spend 24/7 trolling on the blogs page for any slight bit of attention but I guess since no one gives it to him he’s directing his time and energy into harassing little kids now. I genuinely think he’s one of the creepiest and biggest try hard cringe trolls I’ve ever seen on this website


Sent by Crayadian,Aug 1, 2018
Crayadian You’re miserable fat 24 years old uneducated trailer park trash from an area in Canada that no1 even wants to go too. I genuinely would kill myself if I had your life, not to mention that nasty ass congestion you got 24/7 going on :/ take some DayQuil hun and you’ll sound better < 333
Sent by Danger,Aug 1, 2018
Soooooooo you don’t have receipts ? danger yikes these delusions of yours are getting out of hand man , you should probably seek out professional help
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 1, 2018
Crayadian The fact that you have the time to post racist stuff all day then argue for proof just shows you need to get busier. You’re one of the oldest people here yet have 1000% one of the most miserable lives. You’re a genuine waste
Sent by Danger,Aug 1, 2018
danger I’m sorry u feel that way , get better soon < 333
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 1, 2018

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