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TBC Challenge 3 finals

Jul 14, 2018 by Danger
Veterans team: IYBF & Marietori (2 remain)
Fresh Meat team: Forest_knight Bigbrotherlover7 Koolness234 Akora Totaldramalover1234 Nightcore Wildboy12 (7 remain)

Final mission: The players have to perform all 3 parts of the final mission in one sitting with minimal breaks in between. The team that performs the best on average will win TBC Challenge 3.

Part 1: Perform 4 leg raises and hold a 45 degree leg raise hold while I say 3 things. 2 of the 3 things will be similar and 1 will stand very much out. Find the 1 thing that stands the most out and say it out loud. If you guess correctly you’ll receive a point. There are 4 rounds, if you complete all 4 then you can move on to round 2. If your legs drop during this, you will be instantly eliminated during the final.

30 second break max

Part 2: Perform 10 push ups and then hold a plank position while I recite numbers to you. You must say those same numbers but backwards to me. There are 5 rounds of numbers, if you complete them all then you can move on to round 3. If you drop during the first 3 rounds of numbers, you will be instantly eliminated during the final.

1 minute break max
Part 3 is a secret. However, a puzzle is involved and it is not a jigsaw puzzle.


i dont get this, is this series basically a glorified fitness exercise competition lol
Sent by Lalisa,Jul 14, 2018
Lalisa LMAO It’s more mental than physical but there are physical comps yeah.
Sent by Danger,Jul 14, 2018
team montana tbh

this reminds me i need to start working out..
Sent by Darbe,Jul 14, 2018
Sent by iYBF,Jul 14, 2018
Lmfao the vets were wrecked
Sent by Hash,Jul 14, 2018
Team Austin's tbh
Sent by Forest_Knight,Jul 14, 2018

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