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TBC Challenge f5 elimination

Jun 13, 2018 by Danger
image Marietori vs Titoburitto in Pike Pushups.

Marietori & Funnehliner did a total 48 pike pushups together and so did titoburitto and his partner Yoshicoolman. Marie & Tito did the most pushups from their team so they had to redo the tiebreaker alone.

Marietori did 42 pike pushups while Tito did 51 pike pushups, which meant Tito and Yoshi guaranteed their spots in the final 4 once again and earned Tito his 4th elimination win.


Sent by yoshicoolman,Jun 13, 2018
coreyants levonini justme 2388 survivorrocks IYBF
Sent by Danger,Jun 13, 2018

More than 120,000 years ago, most of what is now Florida was underwater. At the peak of the ice age, Some 18,000 years ago, Florida’s land mass was much larger than what it is now. The seas have been rising gradually since, which has given Florida it’s current shape which is still changing due to rising sea levels.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports a sea level rise of 9.5 inches over the last 100 years at a reliable key west gauge.

Arnoldo Levinson, an oceanographer at the civil and coastal engineering department at UF is a believer of anthropogenic (human caused) climate change but his research in his article “Geophysical research letters” found that there’s been a 4-6 inch sea level rise change in southeast Florida since 2011 due to natural atmospheric pressure variations. The author Levinson then went on to say that human effects on climate change doesn’t act as an obvious contributor but rather as a positive variable to whatever  nature will already do naturally, meaning natural phenomenons like sea change will happen but be compounded with further human effects.

St Leo University has been conducting a non partisan poll survey to indicate the rate of Americans that are “very/somewhat concerned” about climate change. In 2015 it was 67%, in 2016 it was 81.3%, and in 2017 fell back to 75.5% which matched the average of the previous two years.

St Leo University also asked Floridians which entities they trust about climate change science and most of them said “non government scientists and educators”

In 2012 the state of Florida added sea level rise to their state comprehensive plan for community planning and guidelines in certain areas. Fort Lauderdale indicated 42 areas that needed infrastructural improvements to adjust to sea level rise and Miami-dade county spent $50 million as part of a $600 million  upgrade to the wastewater plant in Virginia key to elevate electrical components 6 feet higher.

Here’s sea level rise in Fort Lauderdale by just 3 inches vs 6 inches.

Effects of all these:
1. Rising insurance premiums
2. Business interruptions from flooding
3. Evacuations from persistent flooding.
4. Costs will rise as government will keep draining systems ahead of rising seas and the prevention of saltwater intrusion.

Miami dade Chief resilience officer said that the only way Florida was built was
“The only way we learned how to live here was by managing water and taking advantage of high land”, which means if were gonna live in Florida were going to have to always keep in mind about the constant fluctuating sea level changes and always be ready to make the best of any available resources.

Florida sea grant is a program that aids in the economic sustainability and resiliency of Florida’s coastal communities by providing advice on flood insurance and improving stormwater infrastructure to decrease flooding in expected sea level rise areas. To pay for these infrastructural improvements, community development was made to be more densely populated as a way to increase tax revenues.

Industries like fishing, boating, and aquaculture (definition: using aquatic animal and plants for food) depend on the natural coastal ecosystems to generate millions of dollars in exports. When storms, floods, and sea-level rise threaten the infrastructure supporting these communities the residents begin looking to local government to mitigate legal liability for infrastructure and ensure that future liability doesn’t interfere with property rights.

If governments don’t do anything about the rising sea level problem then when disasters strike, they should and most likely will be held accountable for things such as poorly maintained infrastructure as some property owners believe it’s the duty of the government to ensure infrastructure is properly maintained.

Business owners and local government are going to have to cooperate to find solutions to protect residential property, economic drivers, and fragile environments that are the essence of coastal ecosystems and the economy derived from them. Planning in the short term for sea level rise and storm resilient infrastructure while thinking long term about how to address sea level rise while supplying funds to local municipalities that otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide them will provide a resilient and sustainable Floridian coastline.

Current public policy that’s tackling the issue.

The American Institute of Architects Florida chapter recommends a three foot elevation with pillars in low lying areas due to rising sea levels and broward county will soon require all residential and commercial property to be risen by two feet, which has caused some projects to be ineligible to be processed due to the inability to acquire funds to fit this new regulation.

Miami Beach is also spending $500 million to raise street levels and create more built in floodwater pumps.
Sent by Danger,Jun 16, 2018

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