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  1. Me: Nom Blits & brxan
  2. Most pages you’ve written in a day?
  3. One thing I learned at 22.
  4. Who wants to call with
  5. Post emo jams
  6. Gabbie: Why is this chat so negative?
  7. TBC Challenge f5 elimination
  8. TBC Challenge final 4
  9. Song recommendations
  10. Why are boring people
  11. Been livin off beans lately
  12. Is someone paying Maturo
  13. Tag Tengagers you’ve spoken too irl.
  14. Tbh
  15. Keep TBC drama in TBC.
  16. Ngl
  18. Petro: Says a racial slur
  19. I’ve eaten like
  20. I can’t imsgine
  21. Skype game with on cam physical comps.
  23. Logs in
  24. Do u guys jack off b4 going out?
  25. No Beef by Afrojack and Steve Aoki
  26. First tinder meet up
  27. I wonder what happened
  28. I get stomach cramps so easily
  29. Plus my blog bitches
  30. TBC Challenge: Rivals, round 2.
  31. I told TBC to evict Eoin because
  32. Who wants to go on call with
  33. Imagine being 20 years old
  34. No title
  35. Answer these 2 questions!
  36. Pet peeve
  37. Rip lil peep
  38. Bored
  39. Noob Stars with veteran coaches
  40. 2018 Skype Mini Hall Of Fame

Tag Tengagers you’ve spoken too irl.

Jun 12, 2018 by Danger
Nikutoku Jermin119 Meduncan @Some other guy I totally forgot his username LOL.
I met Hash’s sister cuz we’re rhe same age and she threw a party in our city one timsz
Edit: I actually never spoke to her but was in her house LMAO. Or at least whTever house she hosted the party in

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