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I’m on a 1000 calorie restricted diet

May 12, 2018 by Danger
With partial water fasting qualities (only water past 6pm) and it feels sooooooo good.
My goal is to lose 7 pounds in under a month (I’m 147, 5’7, I want to be 140).

Today I’m gonna make whole wheat tomato sauce pasta with chicken and LOTS of kale mixed in ^_^


You know that if you start fasting you can't stop right? Because once you do you'll start making mad gains, I know this for a fact! Your body will go into starvation mode and when you start putting calories back your body will save them and you will bloat out really bad, it's a rookie mistake for beginners in weight loss. I think that's awesome if it's part of your normal diet, but fasting to lose a quick pound or ten, know the risks all I'm saying
Sent by tomhartnell,May 12, 2018
tomhartnell I’m not doing a full on water fast ; which is 0 calories for a week/two.
1000 calories is a normal jump from my usual 1600 calorie intake. I’m not hurting myself lol
Sent by Danger,May 12, 2018
Danger that's good, just making sure. I've seen people make that mistake a lot by downgrading their caloric intake, in fact when I first started losing weight I went into a mode where I starved myself and gained 20 lbs in 2 days over the course of a few meals during holiday season. You'll do well, Good Luck!
Sent by tomhartnell,May 12, 2018

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