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Genuinely amazes me

Feb 6, 2018 by Danger
How xxlovewakizaxx manages to blog every fucking time I check the blogs page


I can't blog at all!
#freewhitneystar119 #blacklisted
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Feb 6, 2018
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Feb 6, 2018
xxlovewakizaxx I'm not even being mean but I feel everytime I log on ur blogging LOL Do u have anything better to do?
Sent by Danger,Feb 6, 2018
I find her blogs quite comical tbh @dangee
Sent by JustMe,Feb 6, 2018
danger *
Sent by JustMe,Feb 6, 2018
justme they're better than most I won't lie lol.
Sent by Danger,Feb 6, 2018
Until he starts calling people the N word ofc Justme
Sent by Danger,Feb 6, 2018
Oh I’ve never seen that :/ danger
Sent by JustMe,Feb 6, 2018
Wow idek what to say danger SMH
Sent by JustMe,Feb 6, 2018
justme LMAO I deleted my comment but at least u saw it
Sent by Danger,Feb 6, 2018
Yeah I seen that’s just idek pure ignorance danger
Sent by JustMe,Feb 6, 2018
-15 i like her blogs theyre funny so the blogs page is like a magazine subscription
Sent by tyleror,Feb 6, 2018
Tyleror Jenny Craig
Sent by Danger,Feb 6, 2018

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