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  1. I’m extremely over this community tbh
  2. Bread, rice, and pasta are the devil
  3. Officially lost
  4. I just cried in public
  5. I highkey
  6. Highly doubt I’ll sleep tonight
  7. Lol I hate fat people
  8. I need workout motivation
  9. There’s a guy
  10. Republicans < 3
  11. Thank god
  12. I’ll never forget
  13. Raggaeton / winding music
  14. Coming to you live
  15. Last two times I went out
  16. Add me on Old School Runescape fam
  17. Game design is my literal passion
  18. Old school RuneScape is on mobile now
  19. Old school Runescape is on mobile now!
  21. Oh I’m unbanned
  22. ...... Yah I was in TBC too!
  23. Weed smoking causes lung cancer
  24. Fighterman & I are brothers now btw
  25. More propaganda, neg
  26. Neg this propaganda
  27. Skype call
  28. I like Jews
  29. Political Skype chat
  30. Wtf
  31. Ideal diet
  32. Skypes?
  33. I’ve been so busy....
  34. I got knots all up in my chest....
  35. Long term Skype game
  36. Long term Skype game
  37. Battle Royale Season Two
  38. This hurricane is giving me so much anxiety
  39. Not everyone has had the same opportunities
  40. Battle Royale Season 1 results!

Do you guys type Tengagedish irl?

Jan 26, 2018 by Danger
I always call my drug dealer a queen that slays when she responds to me.
I also type "giggles" when texting sometimes LOL


I'm literally literally buying juul pods from my dealer & almost ended the sentence with "sis." Then I changed it to like "aight when can i scoop."
Sent by KatherinePierce,Jan 26, 2018
i say giggles when i respond on grindr sometimes
Sent by Batya,Jan 26, 2018
katherinepierce LMFAO I SCREAMED IRL....
Sent by Danger,Jan 26, 2018
nah i just use my irl slang on tg. if i txted one of my friends or my parents saying YASSSS QUEEN SLAY i would get disowned
Sent by BengalBoy,Jan 26, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Jan 26, 2018
Danger I literally hate talking to straight guys. I always have to be like "ight" and talk super ghetto. I literally just wanna be like "when the fuck can i pick up my pods you faggot ass, respond soon sis xoxo"
Sent by KatherinePierce,Jan 26, 2018
I say tea ALOT but only when I speak to Bix123 irl. Oh and I say shade occasionally and 'I'm here for it' which I learned from tg
Sent by Anas,Jan 26, 2018
Sent by Danger,Jan 26, 2018
Sent by Danger,Jan 26, 2018
Danger i'm basically living a double life, it's stressful. this is why i have anxiety and need pods
Sent by KatherinePierce,Jan 26, 2018

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