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A Group Game Concept

17thSep 6, 2018 by Dane_Williams
The Race to the Middle.

- You WIN challenges by getting the MEDIAN score amongst your COMPETITORS.

- With that win, you become the MIDDLE MAN. The Middle Man has the responsibility of picking nominees for the week just like an HOH in Big Brother.

- BUT, unlike the HOH in Big Brother, the Middle Man is kept a SECRET. I, the Host at a nomination ceremony reveals the 3 nominees that the Middle Man has picked 24 hours directly after the challenge has finished.

- The cast will then have a full 72 hours to figure out whom they wish to save from eviction.

- Every person (including the nominees) each receives 2 save votes for which they can cast to SAVE their preferred nominee. You can your SPLIT votes between people if you wish.

- To make things interesting, the player that got the HIGHEST score in the challenge receives 3 votes, while the player with the LOWEST score in the challenge receives only 1 vote.

- The person that receives the LEAST amount of votes amongst the nominees gets evicted. So for example a 10-4-1 split happens; the person with 1 VOTE gets EVICTED.

- This will continue until the final 3 when a jury of your peers decides the winner amongst the 3 remaining people left standing.


Honestly you should host this
Sent by FireWolf,Sep 6, 2018
In my opinion, this sounds stupid.
But at the same time, I won’t be playing/hosting it.
So, go for it
Sent by 5651Omar,Sep 6, 2018
Meh it sounds interesting but I’m not a fan of formats that revolve heavily around luck tbh and being the middle scoring person seems to be entirely that
Sent by Christian_,Sep 6, 2018
Take away the Median vote idea that could wreck the game hardcore. The rest is AWESOME
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 6, 2018

Let the person with the most votes get eliminated not the median number.

I hope you didn't think I meant the (Best gets 3 worst gets 1) was a bad idea cause that part is awesome
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 6, 2018
Oh you changed it nvm LOL
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 6, 2018

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