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  1. I'm gay btw
  2. A boat has 8 people on it
  3. Penis
  4. Helga,
  5. Who has the best entrance look?
  6. My Dream All Stars 4 Cast
  7. #Pro- I do not care I'm gay.
  8. Are you a Heather or a Booger?
  9. TGDR
  10. my dick is hard again.
  11. To be fair
  12. Shangela didn't win All Stars
  13. Danny12 you're a mess
  14. I'm joining stars purely for rozlyn.
  15. Tengaged Bottoms
  16. My only complaint
  17. Burning witches at the stake
  18. Wine always goes straight to my head
  19. Do you want to be the hot person
  20. im the most boring person
  21. Remember when people thought
  22. From RasCity
  23. I love my dick
  24. Does anyone live in Sydney, Australia?
  25. I'm so superficial
  26. Join Hunger
  27. My current jam - Love you George Ezra
  28. HOT OR NOT: Tengaged Users (1/1)
  29. HOT OR NOT: Tengaged Users (1/1)
  30. I'm so bored
  31. How many times can you cum in a day?
  32. Milk has an expiration date.
  33. Can someone name every account
  34. Hot people don't have problems
  35. 11th Place - Non-Stop Stars
  36. I'm going to guess that
  37. Am I so out of touch?
  38. People don't hire homeless people
  39. I've never had a t-boyfriend before
  40. I'll ask this again

From RasCity

Mar 8, 2018 by Dane_Williams
Mar 8, 2018 06:03:41
Are you fucking serious.

How are you even alive right now without a brain or a heart. I really don't get it you fugly piece of shit. Yes I am genuine but I don't understand why that isn't rewarded over fakeness.

and I also don't understand where you got the idea that I never save you because I've literally never evicted you in a poll but after being blatantly disrespected and lied on like that I really don't know how I'm ever going to gain any shred of respect back for you =/.


lmao me when he’s a huge liar himself?

What a delusional fuckwad
Sent by Funnehliner,Mar 8, 2018
not really lost anything anyway, you'll be fine
Sent by melindaMrskk,Mar 8, 2018

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