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  1. hi guys :(
  2. 3 more weeks of school! :)
  3. Just need 12 karma
  4. is 128 in find me good ?
  5. tengaged's newest dark green :)
  6. hi guys :)
  7. So close to dark green!!
  8. hope everyone enjoyed memorial day
  9. what design should i go for first?
  10. if i dont have skype
  11. is this a charity?
  12. question about shops
  13. oh my
  14. ive just met this matisse girl
  15. question :)
  16. good morning :)
  17. i work with this girl named laura at work
  18. after my bets come in
  19. hi guys :0)
  20. looking for some advice :)
  21. pyn (post your name)
  22. quick question :)
  23. dang :(
  24. stars support :)
  25. what color do i need
  26. i really want to skip dark green
  27. whats a good way to earn some cash?
  28. can anyone else
  29. hi :)
  30. happy mothers day to all you moms out there!
  31. just joined my first game in a while
  32. im going to buy a gift for myself soon
  33. when can i play stars?
  34. some of the girls on here are so pretty
  35. finally the weekend!!
  36. why does nobody play duel?
  37. i love this website
  38. happy saturday!!!
  39. well rest in peace spring brek
  40. happy sunday!!!!!!!

looking for some advice :)

May 21, 2018 by DanceyNancy
so there's this boy in my school i have a huge crush on, we have 1 class together and we are in the same friend group so we see each other often. he's really good friends with everybody in our group except me, and i always try to start conversations and be friends with him but he does not seem to want to talk. i dont know if its because he likes me or hates me, but he's told the other ppl in our group he doesn't hate me. im not sure what to do about becoming his friend/hopefully date him :)

thank you!


Tell him that you like him.
Sent by HUNTERBC88,May 21, 2018
I wish a girl did that for me when I was in school.
Sent by HUNTERBC88,May 21, 2018

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