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  1. Join frookies yeah
  2. Julie Chen addressing the racism from big brother..
  3. Best big brother cast picture i've seen
  4. Ellisa, GM, Aaryn and Katlin all in highschool
  5. Rare picture of Aaryn and Helen
  6. Gina-Marie's bb pic
  7. Ellisa serving up some basic bitch's
  8. Ravenclaw is now the number 1 frat
  9. Why is everyone so anti-Amanda?
  10. Does anyone else agree with me here
  11. someone is doing a charity for a 50th game?
  12. Anyone got loads of chips on zwooper
  13. yay for game of thrones trending
  14. lol premades
  15. okay so swooper is amazing
  16. woo got myself a swooper activation code
  17. made the f3 on my first 3 scoderk games
  18. my scoderk game just glitched and basically let me..
  19. I don't want no scrub
  20. who do you think of as the most robbed big brother..
  21. just because i want this to last forever
  22. 3 people joined frookies to give me 13th
  23. omg the fact that there are a boyfriend and..
  24. LOL
  25. premades have no class
  26. I've never known anything so vile in my life as
  27. Yay
  28. I think for every friend i've made here i've made..
  29. aww someone gift me already
  30. laughing at the 5 people who held the jury
  31. best tribute i've ever been given
  32. lol @ this bitch
  33. having no T's is the worst.
  34. got Brenda'd and given 6th place by a friend
  35. debating joining a frookies but its laaate
  36. lol i want a tribute before i vote
  37. annoying thing is
  38. looks like i'm stuck in a stalled jury for the..
  39. put on the block 4 times in a row in frookies
  40. Pussies

Gina-Marie's bb pic

Jul 5, 2013 by DaenerysTargaryen
I'm dying


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