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top ten things i miss about the 90s and my childhood. #4

Jun 25, 2013 by DDJOT98
#disney channel original movies.
back in the 90s and early 2000s. dcom were a big deal. i remember  they show like 3 movies a day. now thier barely on. like once at week.  When a new movie came out on friday at 8pm it was a huge thing. like kids got exicted for a disney channell movie lol.
my favorite is ugh brink or the 13th year. so hard to choose. i also love dont look under the bed. genius. halloween town. ssfpw. zenon

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Sent by tyleror,Jun 25, 2013
Sent by violet7676,Jun 25, 2013
these played during the 2000's too you fucking idiot shut up
Sent by Yaxha,Jun 25, 2013
yaxha oh im sorry you and your stupid high school musical and lemonade ass. doesnt count
Sent by DDJOT98,Jun 25, 2013
Yaxha ur disney channel movie don't count cause it come out in not 90's
like if u love 90's lol
Sent by Brandonator,Jun 25, 2013
yaxha what are you smoking. they all came out in the 90s
Sent by DDJOT98,Jun 25, 2013
loved disney...... please lord let number 1 be the walkmans :D
Sent by Spookie,Jun 25, 2013
I loved halloween town < 3  I watched it each year when it came out in october!
Sent by Dannny,Jun 25, 2013

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