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Donating to the IDF Apr 16, 2024
in the names of the San Francisco and Chicago protesters makes me so happy
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Someone make a new site already Apr 3, 2024
Someone here definitely has what it takes to recreate this community better. This shit sucks.

Honestly, you could make a better site and charge like $2/month for people to have accounts and I bet at least 90% of the users here would do it
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New Tengaged Hack Fact Mar 29, 2024
Zach Hack Fact #1

With our new corner menu working not at all, I have discovered a loophole!!

Simply click the logo with your avatar AGGRESSIVELY 9-21 times and the menu will appear as it did in the olden days!
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It would be so funny Mar 28, 2024
If this site dies during this Stars F3 poll
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It's me, the biggest whore on Tengaged Mar 19, 2024
Someone spend money on me
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Dear Blogs Page Mar 19, 2024
Go get a life. I am clearly living rent free in your head. U make it obvious. Leave me the fuck alone and stop talking about me or making fake ass ads about me. I'm sorry I do not give u attention and that's what u want. So here's ur attention for .05 seconds. Now go away.
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