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  1. 馃 Evict For 15th! 馃
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  3. My 4 kids will be named
  4. 馃 Merry Christmas, TG! 馃
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  6. Super Bowl 2020 (LIV)
  7. I can't wait to see who wins
  8. Anyone still play
  9. James Holzhauer is on Tengaged!
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  11. Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions
  12. The Masked Singer
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  14. Hello my name is Chris =]
  15. When I play hide and seek
  16. Me when I finish work on Friday
  17. AGT Finals!
  18. Hockey is back!
  19. I'm pumped
  20. As Terry Crews mentioned,
  21. Ding dong, the wicked boy is banned!
  22. My Stars is starting!
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  24. One of the few
  25. Just looking at the blog below mine
  26. If I join Stars
  27. Bianca Andreescu
  28. Next week
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  30. I'm going to a comedy show
  31. I wonder if
  32. Isn't there an animal
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  34. Christmas In June, baby!
  35. I went to the clinic
  36. Year of the firsts!
  37. I believe I can fly
  38. Hello
  39. Jeopardy! Spoiler Alert (Don't click. You have..
  40. This guy...

Hello my name is Chris =]

Oct 7, 2019 by Cromatique
People usually just call me:

Margaret Woolworth Carrington von Schumacher Chanel Astor Livingston Compte de Saint-Exupery Mountbatten Windsor Armani Roosevelt Von Trap wykenhamp Hearst Montgomery Rothschild Johnson & Johnson Twillsworth Dolce Gabana Von Zweiger II Montgomery de LaRoche Geico Vanderbilt Lannister van Burean Butterworth How I Met Your Mother Wrigley Louise-Dreyfus Ludwig Morgan Stanley Dumont Lamborghini Forbes higbee Winthrop Chanel Remy Martin Fitzwilliam Kennedy Motel Six Fairchild Brook Pritzker Davenport von Stolen Monty Python Ellisworth Aston Martin Haverbrook Ziff Launder Hilton DuPont Kinkaid Winslow Coors Oviatt Marlborough Pembroke Huffington Bush Mellon Sinclair Mellencamp Starbucks van Dyke III Montgomery Marriott Barrington Chadsworth Big League Chew Chesterfield Kensington Boothbishop Longbottom Nottingham Meisterberg Burgermeister Tudor Hapsburg Rockefeller Onassis.

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