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  1. 馃 Evict For 6th! 馃
  2. That last multi sounds like some of Matisse's fine..
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  4. Huge winds last night
  5. HAW HAW
  6. Habs invited
  7. This is going to be fun to watch!
  8. That ad
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  10. AGT Tonight!
  11. I'm surprised
  12. They're most likely
  13. 馃憥 I've never seen anything 馃憥
  14. Rip
  15. That moment when
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  17. WTF?????
  18. Why would you want "me" banned
  19. I typed "Tengaged Trolls" in Google
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  21. He's so obsessed lol
  22. This host rigs all of his games for..
  23. This host rigs all of his games for..
  24. Enough jibber-jabber about the World Cup
  25. Can't believe he's on BB20
  26. Happy Canada Day weekend!
  27. I'm at my cottage
  28. Imagine having to dance
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  30. NY Islanders
  31. USA
  32. I was living in France with my family
  33. I've always wanted
  34. u ppl?
  35. Barry Trotz
  36. Daily Reminder
  37. I'm playing The Sims 4 again
  38. I put the tea
  39. F is for
  40. Ovi's reaction

Have you heard

May 12, 2018 by Cromatique
China was banned from airing Eurovision.

They refused to show Ireland's performance which showed a same-sex love story and censored pride flags in the crowd.


Ching Chong
Sent by Obstreperous,May 12, 2018
That鈥檚 actually so dumb because they have way more men than women in China. You鈥檇 think they would WANT more guys to be gay to take the edge off. Seriously stupid.
Sent by Philip13,May 12, 2018

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