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4thNov 14, 2020 by Crissy15
and ill tell you whether or not you'd be my friend if you looked like your avatar in real life. and yes before you comment I am shallow and do in fact judge people based on looks! I will be mean so do not get butthurt please

EDIT: I know I am being a brutal bitch in some of these PYN's so if you'd like me to delete you message please mail me and I will do so

#3pi14159 - no the galaxy sweatshirt tells me everything I need to know, probably a band kid
#maxi1234 - no for the sole reason that you look like the bitch that stole my ex boyfriend
#turkeylover - yes, because id take the knife out of your head and id stick it directly into mine!
#jenii_valenta - no you look like the type of bitch to bully me  and think you are superior because you haven't bleached your brown hair and become a blondie like everyone else.
#zachbbs - no, goth, maybe Moira rose impersonator, I feel like that is enough explanation.
austinrules6969 -  no, although im not a homophobe I probs wouldn't be your friend cause I would automatically assume dyke and I just have never had any lez finds so just an assumption
kinggeek - yes, 100% you look hot, I would want to take pic with you just to make my insta look cuter
singsongers - no, because I would bet money I would try and fuck you because white boys with brown hair are my type.
olympia - yes, because you look like the type of girl I would want to spark up with and get away from my stuck up friends
felipes - yes without a doubt we would be friends, fashion icon and I would simply use you to take your clothes from you
fromawindow - no, if anyone introduced themselves to me with a crown on their head I would probably punch them in the teeth.
princevans - idk about this one, several pros and cons. if you had a giraffe I would be friend with you for that reason alone. without the giraffe id have to say no because the lip piercings and eyelashes seem a little too much for me
ricardogv - yes, pretty white blonde bitch, yeah you would 100% be my friend, terrible but true.
maturo - maybe, your avatar just kinda looks like the stereotypical boy I see on campus everyday so could easily go either way.
diogojsgomes - no, you look like the bitch that comes back from her study abroad trip to Paris and won't stop talking about how much it changed her life
iiCreazyGX - no, I would tell you to take the  Santa hat off because its not Christmas time yet
jacksonjoseph99 - I was yes all the way up until I saw the eyes. the purple eyeshadow would raise too many questions for me and I would probs just avoid the conversation entirely
absol - no, the blazer outfit would honestly be the deal breaker for me
ilovetosing - yes I think we would be friends but I without a doubt would make fun of you for the mirrored glasses on the daily
dash - yes if I saw your avi in real life I most likely would bow down and start worshiping you
lexeyjane - yes similar to #ricadogv however i would beg for you to come to the tanning beds with me lmao
sk8ergal - no, simply because if i saw a white girl with that hair i would absolutely avoid at all costs
rubes - yeah most likely, there isn’t anything that stands out about your avi too much tbh
staymellow - no you look like a hick trumpet soz
minie - no because i would probably be intimidated by you
jakehou97 - no the bieber hair is a deal breaker for me tbh
jwbrine - yes why tf would i not be friends with britney and janelle
varlto - no the fact that your tits are all the way out of your clothes i would most certainly stay away
melindamrskk - yes you look just like me in real life and i have a tendency to be friends with people who look like my siblings
mbarnish1 - no the american flag hoodie would make me think you cared overly too much about your gun rights
shellbelle - no you look like too much of a girly girl and probs would never be seen without makeup
chic - yeah you look hot so i would befriend you and steal all your clothes
ace99 - no the blazer and necklace would raise way too many questions for me
itsaustin - no i don’t think i need to explain but i’ll say on thing, get a towel sweetie
weetmaster - no i’d wanna get in ur pants. ur avi looks like a hot italian guido, i’d fall in love


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Nifa Rose.
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oh wow
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Moira <3
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Vans and if ur sound u can pet the giraffe
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uh oh jackson
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crissy15 mells
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