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  1. Jayla or Jess is winning baby!
  2. afternoon.
  3. And what allegations?
  4. I wish people knew what they were talking about
  5. I’ve always wanted to speak my truth
  6. But it’s okay
  7. *wakes up with a top blog*
  8. And that’s fine
  9. I thought we were on good terms
  10. Is the circle that good
  11. Good morning :)
  13. I stand by Rhonda Tennessee
  14. I trust
  15. Okay sis quit reaching hun
  16. I love jeffree Star :/
  17. what sims 4 packs should i get?
  18. No shade to anyone
  19. Imagine sleeping and snoring on call
  20. Adjoa and Kemi deserved better
  21. sherea lloyd robbed
  22. Rate my avi
  23. Always buckle up
  24. I’m sorry
  25. The green tribe is the winning tribe
  26. Can we talk about how
  27. Hey Tracey
  28. Honestly if we’re going to make multis
  30. praying that the australian users are safe
  31. i wouldve been paul if he got evicted in the poll..
  32. Dont trust him
  34. Karma is a bitch
  35. 👋
  36. my 2020 is really off to a terrible start
  37. Tengaged Survivor Brant
  38. karma is a bitch
  39. Me @ my winners picks OVER the years
  40. New Year, New Avi

And to add on to your comment

Nov 14, 2019 by CrimsonEnnui
Obey me is just trying to protect minors
Sent by Blitszims,Nov 13, 2019

If the bitch actually tried to protect minors she would contact the authorities? Has she done that? No, she goes on rampages attacking them non-stop expecting them to magically disappear from the site. Maybe if she called the police like Koolness did with wildboy maybe someone would take the bitch seriously.


She’s currently in contact with the authorities
Sent by Blitszims,Nov 14, 2019
Oh really ? Clearly nothing is working. Koolness did it in 5 minutes and wildboy was gone. Clearly she ain’t doing shit
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Nov 14, 2019
Btw my comment was kinda a joke
I don’t think she’s a pedo - I say it to wind her up 😂
I do however think she’s most of the other stuff she gets called
Sent by Blitszims,Nov 14, 2019

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