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  1. I鈥檒l ask again
  2. Romance 馃尮 ~Ranking~
  3. im so confused on how the tengaged song contest..
  4. can 1984 all-stars happen now ?
  5. loving camila's new album
  6. i said it before
  7. Willie PORK
  8. I am giving you CHRISTMAS LOVIN
  9. Just finished watching this
  10. How is my avi ladies
  11. So I鈥檓 being told by a friend
  12. If you had to pick 1 pre-juror to come back out of..
  14. hey!
  15. Only the annoying gays think Natalie white was a..
  16. You know that tg is dying
  17. Happy Birthday Jonah馃巶
  18. I voted for TaraG to win stars
  19. Idk why people get so triggered over
  20. Only ones I鈥檓 rooting for
  21. yea elizabeth and missy can go now
  22. I've been watching these
  23. And to add on to your comment
  24. Y鈥檃ll constantly attack TaraG
  25. Okay
  26. anyone a fan of Terry's Chocolate Oranges?
  27. TAKE MY QUIZ !
  28. Is the Wendy Williams show on Hulu?
  30. When I get excited to get mail
  31. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 4
  32. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 3
  33. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 2
  34. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 1
  35. Honestly tho
  36. @ the new alphabet song wtf
  37. I might be getting a Pomski
  38. @ this drama
  39. can julie chen just announce the all star season..
  40. We love being stars winners

Honestly tho

Nov 5, 2019 by CrimsonEnnui
I need a boyfriend, there鈥檚 no gays where I live, why does god hate me


Where do you live exactly?
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 6, 2019
Oregon baby jetsrock12
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Nov 6, 2019
Its better to have no gays than have all the gays around you not your type
Sent by spinfur,Nov 8, 2019

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