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  1. Happy Birthday Jonah馃巶
  2. I voted for TaraG to win stars
  3. Idk why people get so triggered over
  4. Only ones I鈥檓 rooting for
  5. yea elizabeth and missy can go now
  6. I've been watching these
  7. And to add on to your comment
  8. Y鈥檃ll constantly attack TaraG
  9. Okay
  10. anyone a fan of Terry's Chocolate Oranges?
  11. TAKE MY QUIZ !
  12. Is the Wendy Williams show on Hulu?
  14. When I get excited to get mail
  15. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 4
  16. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 3
  17. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 2
  18. 30 Day Total Drama Challenge - Day 1
  19. Honestly tho
  20. @ the new alphabet song wtf
  21. I might be getting a Pomski
  22. @ this drama
  23. can julie chen just announce the all star season..
  24. We love being stars winners
  25. ugh i wish there was a way to delete every blog at..
  26. why is halsey is over party trending on twitter
  27. This is so iconic
  28. I'm a youtuber now
  29. Them big girls got some big ol' juicy pussy
  30. Holy fuck its been year since
  31. My name is Lee Crimson and I have something to say
  32. Everyone wants Tiffany Pollard on cbb
  33. Aubrey O'Day is a QUEEN
  34. Dance Moms Funniest Fights Part 1
  35. I hate customers so much sometimes
  36. Betty white
  37. Would this be a good CBB3USA Cast?
  38. I thought the chicken was lovely
  39. Robbed
  40. Tengaged Streak Update~

What in the actual fuck..

Oct 8, 2019 by CrimsonEnnui

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