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  1. Robbed
  2. Tengaged Streak Update~
  3. She has no weapons just her mouth
  4. What do you do successfully?.... quickly
  5. Leshawna was rigged out of Total Dramas Next Top..
  6. The next tengager
  7. Oh I just love opening a bulge snap in my..
  8. A little birdie told me you fucking flipped
  9. T Gregiore is such a queen
  10. What in the actual fuck..
  11. ❤️
  12. 1 more for BB21 brantsteele!
  13. BB21 Brantsteele
  14. yeehaw
  15. Big Brother 3: Total Drama CAST
  16. Big Brother 2: Bikini Bottom ~Results/Season..
  17. Big Brother 2: Bikini Bottom CAST
  18. Big Brother 1: Dance Moms ~Results/Season..
  19. Big Brother 1: Dance Moms CAST
  21. Yeehaw
  22. Yeehaw
  23. Dance Moms BIG BROTHER CAST!
  24. It feels good
  25. Heres the rankings if you can't read the picture!
  26. Rate the 1984 houseguests!
  27. Rate the 1984 s3 houseguests!
  28. 1984 Joker's Ranking Week 1
  29. this cast i cannot
  30. enough with the cliche statements
  31. Nothing can top my story on 1984
  32. Holly or Nicole winning is the only best outcome..
  33. ranking the 4 expelled houseguests
  34. Oh baby
  35. I cant wait for nicole
  36. Whats a fast paced ariana grande song
  37. Remember when america
  38. Can we talk about how
  39. Who's the biggest queen?
  40. Yassss RPDR UK love that


Aug 22, 2019 by CrimsonEnnui
3. America's Prankster Vote Description: During the Voting Period, viewers of the Big Brother 21 television program will be asked to interact with the show by voting for a Houseguest they want to see become America's Prankster via the platform stated below. The eligible Houseguest who receives the most votes during the Voting Period will be named America's Prankster, and will be given the power to secretly control one nominee for eviction during the applicable week, by selecting one nominee at the Nomination Ceremony. America's Prankster will also choose a replacement nominee if their original nominee is vetoed during the Veto Meeting. Evicted Houseguests and the current Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes in the Program. Viewers will vote via the BB Web Site. There is a maximum of ten (10) votes per registered user during the Voting Period.


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