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  1. Big Brother 20 Brantsteele Game ~Results~
  2. Big Brother 20 Brantsteele Game
  3. Gagaluv made the right choice tbh
  4. did jameka play a good game on bb8
  5. I can't wait for
  6. I Stan Angie
  8. Kaycee is my fave now
  9. Idk if anyone saw it
  10. I can't wait for bayleigh
  11. i hope bb20
  12. Okay i understand BB9 had awful..
  13. was angie from bb10 iconic???
  14. That was an amazing day yesterday
  15. It's my birthday mama
  16. Thanks for the gift momba
  18. 1 more day till I'm 18
  19. A womens period tracker app advertisement
  20. 2 more days till I am legal
  21. I finally did it馃帗馃帗馃帗
  22. Good morning 馃馃馃
  23. If anyone has my old skype added
  24. Tomorrow is my last day of highschool
  25. Idk why this psycho is coming for my looks
  26. Why are you being so extra for no reason
  27. Oh wow
  28. For the 400th time since you can't read
  29. Congrats on the win
  30. I can see you love to rant
  31. Okay this is going to be a sorta gross question..
  32. Tonyalbright deserves this stars win
  33. 2 more school days left:)
  34. Random Survivor Females 3 ~Results~
  35. Random Survivor Females 3 ~Cast~
  36. Random Survivor Females 2 ~Results~
  37. Random Survivor Females 2 ~Cast~
  38. Random Survivor Females 1 ~Results~
  39. Goodnight <3
  40. Survivor: Random Females S1

I've been nominated for 3 senior favorite awards

Mar 7, 2018 by CrimsonEnnui
Most Sarcastic
Most likely to start my own brand
Most likely to start my own talk show


Yet on here you鈥檙e only most likely to get double digits in a game.
Sent by Danger,Mar 7, 2018
Okay and? danger
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Mar 7, 2018

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