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  1. She is one of the nicest people ever
  2. All i have to say is
  3. Ranking Finalists of the Total Drama Franchise
  4. Heather Dubrow is so good
  5. i really could've saved 100t$
  6. Can i have my money back?
  7. who's joining stars?!
  8. If natalie makes merge
  9. Natalie looks much skinnier in this
  10. Not really shocked with the Hell’s Kitchen boot..
  11. That’s lee crimson napalm
  12. Morning
  13. Did everyone try the chicken?
  14. Uhhh
  15. Save a houseguest!
  17. Save a houseguest!
  18. Kenaley NEEDS to stay
  19. Save a houseguest!
  20. Kenaley for game changer!
  21. Why do you have to make everything so fucking..
  22. Are you ever just like
  23. What is your biggest snap streak??
  24. Logging off for the day :)
  25. i love being accused of negging someone
  26. getting my new iphone 6 today :)
  27. Welp rip Brazil
  28. real talk
  29. Hell's Kitchen!
  30. My Hell's Kitchen All-Star Cast
  31. Oh i know who exactly who
  32. Cheating deserves a longer ban
  33. Would anyone be interested in
  34. I still remember when
  35. Christina from Hell's Kitchen 10
  36. Hells Kitchen 18 Episode 1/2 Rankings
  37. I remember breaking 1000 points
  38. Tengaged SnapStreaks
  39. I hope Keke Palmer is on CBBUSA2
  40. i wish BBUK did this


Oct 17, 2015 by CrimsonEnnui
#xxlovewakizaxx got banned for 7 days for racism


Good :)
Sent by nicknack,Oct 17, 2015

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