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  1. Hey yall tammy here…
  4. CBBUSA3 Females Leaked
  5. the tengaged revolution is happening
  6. I have an announcement
  7. ❗️I have an announcement❗️
  8. My winners:
  9. Leshawna won TDI
  10. Good morning
  11. if you seen a lady named Charlene in there
  12. monty mole king.
  13. Do you like jelly beans???
  14. *wakes up*
  15. ❗️❗️❗️❗️IMPORTANT..
  16. This stars cast isn’t even allstar material
  17. Stars?
  18. Ahmed 😍
  19. Which housewife do you want on CBBUSA3?
  20. If I say "JACK"
  21. fuckkkk yallll
  22. No one forced you to stay or return
  23. Joe Arvin is a mastermind
  24. Chef Joe Arvin a MASTERMIND
  25. vote for crimson
  26. 212 for Squid Game's Favorite Houseguest
  27. Chef Joe made Big Brother History
  28. Joe Arvin supported the LGBT
  30. I am the
  31. Next Tengagment is coming your way
  32. Stop talking about me in ur discord server
  33. my favorite lesbian lover
  34. all these cunts and fuckboys
  35. exterminate the pisces.
  36. Good morning
  37. hey
  38. Gemini Sun
  39. TIFFANY <3

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Hey yall tammy here…vote Oct 22, 2021
I am just patrolling the trailer park making sure everything is safe!
Points: 28 3 comments
HEY YALL GOT A CIGARETTE?vote Oct 22, 2021
Points: 58 2 comments
HEY YALL TAMMY HEREvote Oct 22, 2021
that fuckin fish era is over
Points: 66 2 comments
CBBUSA3 Females Leakedvote Oct 21, 2021
Miss Juicy
Trailer Trash Tammy
Kellyanne Conway
Tiffany Pollard
Mia Khalifa
Points: 30 1 comments
the tengaged revolution is happeningvote Oct 21, 2021
Points: 27 1 comments
I have an announcement Oct 20, 2021
to make to y’all, to the people of America- I was at this here Mc - Donalds on Dorsett ,  . it’s a . . Mond'ee night, - I was just disrespected in there, almost got in a fight with the gal in there . -First of all, my first issue is the drive through was 'filt all the way up '. and I had to walk inside. So then, I’m, .. , you know, -I’m already mad cuz I gotta get out m’car and go insiDe . So I go inside, I politely say “Hey, .. uh, can I have a Mc Rib meal? Large size with the Dr. Pepper.” . . and the lady says “W- ..,OK, .. that’d be . sis ., .. $6.58.” I said,,; - "Ain’t your forget tin’ sum’in .... .. Ma’Am ?-? " and she said;“Wu - what?” I said ;“You’re supposed to offer me the extra Mc Rib for a dollar - when you buy the Mc Rib meal.”  [pause] You ain’t gon’ believe it- she looked me up and down - and said “Well it don’t look like yOu need the extra Mc Rib.” [pause, looking into camera in disbelief as she nonchalantly moves backwards, signaling shock] Mc ‘scuse me, bitch?!???? I throat punched that bitch!! I knocked her ass out! - So if you come to the Dorsett Mc Donalds and you see a lady named Charlene in there.... [pause] tell 'er Carla sent ya.. and then YOU throat punch her, or punch her in the cooter - I don’t give a damn! This is agains’ my civil rights!! And fUck you Mc Donalds On Dorset!!!! Not all the other ones, I like all the other ones
Points: 40 4 comments