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  1. 3 More for Frookies!
  2. Join frookies!
  3. The Challenge 33 Boots wow
  4. I’m ready for Survivor
  5. The challenge sucks
  6. That house meeting though
  7. TAR31 Spoilers Update
  8. TAR31 Update 😮
  9. TAR31 Update
  10. TAR31 Eliminated Teams so far
  11. I bet we’ll get 2 returnees
  12. I have a feeling this isn’t the entire cast
  13. TAR31 Leg One spoilers
  14. The Branelle alliance on TAR31
  15. Let it sink in
  16. Pic of Janelle & Britney racing
  17. The Amazing Race 31 cast
  18. Lastest BB20 Rumor
  19. That shooting is so close to where I live
  20. Champs vs Stars 3
  21. Winner of current frookies gets a gift
  22. Finally catching up on Vendettas
  23. Melissa & Kayleigh are friends now
  24. I love it
  25. Hopefully they nominate Mark
  26. Shannon is a queen
  27. The people giving Shannon a hard time
  28. Over 7 million watched the premiere of cbb
  29. CBBUS potential spoilers
  30. Finally watching last weeks Challenge
  31. Omarosa’s favorite
  32. Omarosa not doing interviews
  33. Omarosa & Mark we’re on Apprentice together
  34. CBBUS Cast announces tonight!
  35. Big Brother: Celebrity Editition
  36. Alaska & New York survived
  37. I got a spider 🕷
  38. We’re gonna get Bananas on CBB
  39. Why r bb players on the challenge?
  40. Join rooks with me & I’ll gift u

Finally watching last weeks Challenge

Feb 6, 2018 by Cray
This cast is so stupid. Literally all the girls ganged up on Melissa for what? Cause they think she’s a slut. 🤦‍♂️ Honestly the girls this season suck. #thechallenge

Marie is a fucking idiot. Fights with Brad and wants to get rid of Britni. Decides to break up Nicole/Melissa.....

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