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  1. Wasn’t randomize working
  2. I wish Dr Will did the round table
  3. Since when do the trending people
  4. This end game could of been Epic
  5. Out with OTT and in with CBB
  6. I haven't watched feeds since
  7. Yep Jessica will be a returnee
  8. The only person that will return from this season
  9. I bet Matt gets expelled on eviction night
  10. To make fun of those
  11. It's gonna be a tough rest of the year
  12. OMG Alaska & Tiffany Pollard
  13. Please please send prayers our way
  14. This is so devastating
  15. It hasn't stopped raining!!!!!!!
  16. Hurricane is about to hit Texas
  17. I'm scared!!!!!!
  18. I hate Paul
  19. Wow
  20. I miss BBCan 5
  21. Fingers crossed Paul or Alex
  22. I hope Paul leaves in de
  23. Seriously I quit
  24. I've noticed there's been no
  25. The fate of this season
  26. Xmas & Josh
  27. This season is cancled
  28. I hope Survivor Ghost Island
  29. Hopefully cbs edits Paul
  30. Jessica/Cody need hoh next week
  31. So Marlena and Jody
  32. Paul knocking some sense into Elena
  33. Mark hates Christmas so much
  34. Can't wait for Dom to get halting hex
  35. I hope Christmas wins veto
  36. Dom/Jess are noms
  37. Christmas is off high
  38. So Mark wants Christmas out
  39. I like that there's no clear
  40. So Paul is pulling a Nakomis

Survivor Blood vs Water is gonna suck.

Aug 31, 2013 by Cray
I just read all of the twists.
Sounds confusing and ridiculous.


What kinda username is cray
Sent by jfkburks4,Aug 31, 2013
It's not that confusing...
Sent by Kaitx,Aug 31, 2013
The whole idea of someone replacing someone on Redemption Island then getting to be on a different tribe plus a day zero twist plus 2 ppl voted out from the start. I mean come on......

jfkburks4 I fun one. What kind of name is jfkburks4?
Sent by Cray,Aug 31, 2013
Sent by Cray,Aug 31, 2013
Sent by Jenna2010,Aug 31, 2013
Day Zero is whatever, hardly matters.

Vote 2 people out, like that hasn't been done before. Then they go to RI.

Then I doubt many people will switch in and out, but it's basically just tribe swapping one at a time if they do.
Sent by Kaitx,Aug 31, 2013
This season is going to be so stupid it's not even funny, for the following reasons.
1) Redemption Island SUCKS!! If you're voted off, you don't deserve to be there.
2) We are sick of returning players. Give someone new a chance.
3) The whole family/veteran idea is awful. It will make for a very personal, very ugly season. People will be mad if someone lies to their family member, and there will be a ton of arguing.
Sent by masterchef,Aug 31, 2013

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