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PYN for an opinion

4thJan 21, 2018 by Cornelia
#EliotWhi don’t know you personally but heard things about you. Would love to get to know you better xx
#Streamx - Lovely lass and a good old friend of mine. Haven’t spoke in donkey years but wish you well!
#BengalBoy thought you were a top lad until I saw shakey Jakey missing from that London meet up lol what’s gd?!?
#Arris an old British pal of mine and most importantly king of rocking the sunglasses inside whilst having a hood up look x
#Roshy My NZ brother! We go WAY back! Always supported each other and had each other’s back. You know what I think about you and you’ve always been so lovely to me !!!
#josiahsurvivor Idk you but from mutual friends heard positive things. HMU sometime!
#LivvieBoo12 We go back to my Habbo days. You’re a great friend, who is super kind and always willing to help your friends out.
Brookie0126 One of my original sister and my HB twin. You know how much love I share for you. You’re a great person and back in the day we slayed Castings together and because of those games our bond became stronger. You’re an amazing mother and a role model in my eyes! Never change!
_Finesse I don’t know much about you unfournately but we share a love for Bonnie McKee. Would love to get to know you better, send me a mail sometime!
damo1990 We played a Stars together and after a gruelling tough week we both made it to the end together. You faced a lot of abuse during that game and I really felt for you because you are such a genuine kind guy. I admire your passion for games and your respect you always uphold to others. Congrats on another Stars win! Welcome to the 3 time winners club!
m7md26 An old friend of mine. You were always super nice to me and back when I used to play we would always team up to play League together. Missed those times a lot. Hope you’re well.
MelindaMrskk I love you! I remember one of your very first shops American Girl and I was so thirsty for the designs you posted back then and was super jealous of your avi LOL We’ve spoke a few times and you’ve always shown me respect. Great lad!
Sue! Is it JustMe or are you one of the most iconic Tengagers of my existence and a worthy queen and role model of TG to all?! I love everything about you and the way you hold yourself. Nothing but positive vibes and love for you!
smuguy2012 We used to be good friends back when I was more active. You’re a very funny guy and I really admire you. Kinda sad we lost touch as time went on and would love to reconnect. Hope you’re doing well??
Oliviaxoxo Oh Olivia my princess of Wales! You’re close friends with a lot of my friends and I can see why. Such a funny lass with a heart that is warmer than a Welsh sheeps coat of fur. A positive and vital figure of the current TG and an insipiration to us all. If I can’t stand in Wales then at least #IStandWithHer
Robbyjak We worked close together in Gaia’s Survivor and I genuinely enjoyed your company. We became close allies and I enjoyed our chats. Even if we went our separate ways later on in the game I still have a lot of respect for you and you were one heck of a game player. You were still my vote to win had I not made it to that F3
maturo Joe you’re my home boy. You’ve always had my back and I’ve always had yours. Despite what people say you have always been so thoughtful, kind and supportive of everything I’ve ever done. You really are a loyal close friend to those you show those traits to and for that I will always stick by you. Thank you for being such a good friend to me over these years. We’ve both supported each other along our TG experience and that’s what I love the most about our friendship.
Irelia oh Jess! From playing constant BB and Survivor games together on Habbo Hotel, to carrying my support ass in League of Legends and joining Tengaged together I’ve known you through it all. Probably one of the longest person I’ve known on this site. We’ve shared a lot of memories together and had a lot of laughs. You’re a great gal and always stand up for what is right. Im sorry we’ve drifted apart and don’t speak as much as we have gone our separate ways now but I still consider you a great person. Hope you’re all good!
Amnesia_ I’m sorry I don’t really know you. Hit me up if you wanna introduce yourself!
koolness234 my chocolate to my vanilla swirl. Josh were an iconic TG duo. So much love for everything you do. We grew close over Stars and we’ve been in constant friendly competition since. I love how outspoken you are, and you fight for what you believe in. You always share the same views as me and it’s nice to have a genuine companionship with someone who just gets me. You’re one of my icons on here. Never stop being you.
levonini Andrew! From whispering Katya from RPDR full name over call a billion times and sketching me out to being an iconic TG host of T-Vivor I’ve always remained friendly with you and supported T-Vivor. Even though your very direct with what you say LMAO you are a sweetie deep down!
Stary I remember you being good friends with Nattie and we played a couple of Robles games together and you were fun to play with LOL
Brandt69 Nick ILY! My last memory of you was when we joined that Survivor group game and made it to the final 3 together and that noob robbed me us of making F2 together as we slayed that entire game LMAO You’re an awesome guy, super funny and loyal. Always supported you since and always will. Miss you brother!!!
africanwoman love you even if you look spit of jade jolie xo
Vlad21 Vlad we’ve known each other for a while. We’ve had our ups and downs from our Stars history but we both looked past the game and appreciated each other. You always get back up whenever you’re knocked down and I admire that about you. You’re super kind and humble to those around you. I have a lot of love for you now and have nothing but good vibes against you :)
Lemjam6 ugh iconic amazing showstopping outstanding I mean what other words can I use to describe a fellow Jake? You’re so lovely and kind towards me and I frickin adore you. You know what they say? When a new Jake emerges the old ones lose their power so we gotta stamp those Jakes out!
KatarinaDuCouteau One of my good friends on here! You’ve always been a lovely friend to me. Super loyal and have a lot of the same interests. Miss the old days when we would be side by side constantly. An all round amazing person! Super fond of our memories!
Thumper91 Lauren, the nations southern sweetheart. Everyone loves and adores you. We became close from our mutual friendship with David. Always shown me so much kindness and for that I’m always grateful of our friendship!
Christian_ Christian! An all around great guy. You’re super likeable, smart, funny and respectful - the complete package! You listened to all my complaining and constant strategising from the both times I competed in Chris’s Survivor series. Thanks for all the support.
RoboZoe love your sense of humour and the way you hold yourself. Your long awaited Stars win will come soon!
Question Seth we only got to know each other a few days ago but you’re such a genuine and bright individual :)
RobertGuajardo Good ol’ RobG! Glam, chic and bouji are certain words I would use to describe you. We’ve always been on good terms and even though we’re not super close I love how gracious and classy you are. I wish most people adopted your style.
vh1luvr15 Tony! One time we very close and you were very considerate towards me and you were very humble. We shared a lot of fun moments which I’m sure you can also remember. You made me laugh a lot. It’s been a long time but I hope life is treating you well.
jackyboy I don’t personally know you but I remember you on TBB2 and you made it super far into the game and played well. HMU sometime!
bomberv Eric!!!! Even though you bullied me into updating this LMAO you’re a great guy and I find you hilarious. A true king to me!
BigBrotherDonny I don’t really know you too well. Would love to get to know you better. Best of luck during Stars this week, you have my support.
I’ll update the rest later


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As all 4 of u r from England ^
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ALL 5 now ^ arris lol
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Lmfao fuck your
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LMAOO so true Roshy , and also 6 if u count Cornelia
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arris it’s 5 including Cornelia you fruit loop ! Silly !
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