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CoolblueP123 :)

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[POLL]: How Do You Hang Your Toilet Paper? Oct 5, 2021
A. Over (Toilet paper hangs in front of the roll)
B. Under (Toilet paper hangs behind the roll)
Points: 119 7 comments
[POLL]: When You're A Passenger Sep 29, 2021
in a friend/relative's car and they need to get gas do you...

A. Pump the gas for them because they're driving you
B. Let them pump the gas while you sit in the car
Points: 224 27 comments
Let's Rephrase The Question Sep 27, 2021

What's with this site and the PREVALENCE of pedophilia and other inappropriate, often sexually based, behavior and the LACK OF support victims receive when they come forward with their stories
Points: 207 5 comments
Interestingly Sep 27, 2021
Both JBC8 and shawnpat7 took the route of gaslighting in this scenario.

Sent by JBC8,Sep 27, 2021

mikec51 wtf are you talking about. Who likes a vein on a neck wtf
Sent by shawnpat7,Sep 27, 2021

You guys are implying MikeC51 doesn't know what he's talking about and that he's lying about what he shared. You expect us to believe that he just decided to randomly call you two out for what? For fun? For clout on this site? Out of boredom?

Don't flatter yourselves, you're not that special. You both know what you did and are not fooling anyone with your deflections and gaslighting.
Points: 875 6 comments
[POLL]: When You Wash Your Hands Sep 16, 2021
Do you:

1. Wet your hands then get the soap OR
2. Get the soap then wet your hands
Points: 110 6 comments
[POLL]: Have You Ever Experienced… Sep 15, 2021
Sudden anal pain?

Like a sharp or shooting pain that starts in the rectum and goes upward into your abdomen? Lasting only a few seconds?
Points: 123 8 comments