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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games: Night 2

May 12, 2018 by Cookie_13
ollyjay202 sets an explosive off, killing Allyxox , and GoodKaren.

Icarus_MaRk  and LunaLoveduck101 think about home.

aria_grande tends to me2013 's wounds.

TaraG looks at the night sky.

FireX sets up camp for the night.

harrywasnak tries to treat her infection.


BrainJak sees a fire, but stays hidden.
-melindaMrskk (District 4)
-kgunzrok (District 2)
-Latish0987 (District 4)
-Macda27 (District 9)
-BigBrotherDonny (District 5)
-AintItFun (District 3)
-C00LDUDE1000 (District 5)
-chris2pei (District 3)
-Katherinee( District 8)
-dandoe (District 10)
-Mystery Tribute was Lorielle (District 1)
-coolKat (District 9)

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